Premiere Attire?
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What should one wear to an L.A. movie premiere?

I've scored tickets for a movie premiere tonight and am clueless as to what I should wear. I'll be attending as a member of the general public, not walking the red carpet or anything.

The catch- I'm leaving in an hour! And what's more, my wardrobe is pretty limited. Jeans, some cute tops, sundresses, and one LBD. Will the LBD be too fancy? Jeans and a dressy top too casual?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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A sundress falls in-between jeans and a LBD, so I'd vote for that.
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Best answer: how about the LBD dressed down a bit - wear it with funky boots or sandals instead of heels, and a casual jacket or shirt over. if it ends up being fancy, you take off the jacket, and add a nice necklace that you've cleverly brought along in your purse.
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I went to a movie premiere waaaay back in the late '90s (Jackie Brown) as a part of the general public. Back then, it looked like everyone just wore what they had been wearing all day. No hint of dressing up at all.
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From my experience in situations like these, when I'm not sure if i should be dressing up or down and I have noone to ask, I've found that it's always better to be a bit overdressed and finding myself amongst people clad in jeans than to be wearing jeans and finding myself amongst people who are wearing LBDs (long black dress, I presume?) and fancy hair. So I think the second suggestion of wearing your LBD dressed down a bit and bringing along a necklace just in case is very wise. Enjoy the premiere!
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Wear something that can be dressed up by adding a nice glitzy necklace/pair of earrings and some serious red lipstick. That way if you feel overdressed you can just slip them in your purse and wipe off the lipstick and you're good to go.
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I'd pretty much go with as if you were going on a nice date. Girls, basic/cute dress that kind of walks the line between casual and dressy. Sundress sounds like a a good choice. Guys, button up shirt, maybe a casual blazer.

Yes people will probably be wearing the same shorts and t-shirts, but its a movie premiere and looking good and schmoozing is part of the fun.
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You don't need to dress up at all. Definitely not the LBD (if that stands for long black dress). You're a member of the audience at a movie theater, go in something you'll be comfortable in. You don't have to dress down, but you don't have to dress up either.
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I always thought LBD was little black dress ?
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I'm pretty sure it's Little Black Dress, yeah. Only really useful if you're expecting photographers to mob you as you slide out of the limo, sans undergarments.

What was the film?
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Gosh, sorry about that, I don't know why I wrote "long" there! I meant "little." I need another coffee.
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Being a movie critic, I go to screenings quite often. I usually find myself among the better dressed of the group, wearing a nice shirt, possibly a cardigan, and a nice pair of jeans with a pair of flats. I dress nicer than about 99% of the people at screenings, including the dozens I've been to in LA.
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Business casual. Or expensive jeans and t-shirt. It's L.A., anything goes!
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I put up my hair, wore my wool LBD and flats to an exhibit opening at the Tate Liverpool and wound up being overdressed. It would have been better if I'd dressed the way I did for my meal at an upscale place in Paris: knit top, cords and leather walking shoes. Substitute linen or poplin for hot weather---I'd pass on the jeans.
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Response by poster: The LBD (little black dress) dressed down was perfect. Seemed to be the outfit of choice for anyone in attendance who wasn't famous.

Turgid dahlia, the movie was Julie & Julia. I really enjoyed it and wholly recommend it to any Nora Ephron/ Meryl Streep/ Amy Adams/ Jane Lynch fans out there!
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