Where can I find this thespian-themed game?
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Does anyone know what this game/toy was that I used to play with? I thought it was called "Let's Put On a Show" but now I can't find it.

My grandmother gave me this toy in the late 1980s, and I might have gone along to the store to pick it out because for some reason I recall seeing it in the board games section of Toys R Us, probably around the magic tricks kits which I was into at the time.

It came in a yellow box (about the size of Monopoly) with a handle and was called something like "Let's Put On A Show". It had a roll of orange tickets (like raffle tickets), popcorn boxes to fold and glue and fill with popcorn, a paper megaphone, programs and posters on which you could write/draw about your show. It might have had a few partial scripts in it.

This was seriously one of the coolest presents I ever got, and I've thought about it often since then. I've looked for it in stores and Googled, hoping to give it to kids in my family, but it's like it never existed. Did anyone else have something like this? Or leads on where I could find something similar now?
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Try digging around Board Game Central. A search there for popcorn only comes up with Scene It, but some of your other details may hit.
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I bet it was from a mail order catalog like Lillian Vernon, or Creative Playthings (didn't bother to link - CP only makes swing-sets now - they used to sell nice toys too). Both of these catalogs often used to have sets like that in the 80s and 90s - no branding, just various kits for imaginative play, costume sets, etc.
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Response by poster: Chr1sb0y, you're on to something--my grandmother loves catalogs, and Creative Playthings sounds very familiar for some reason, like I can picture their logo in my head. If it was them, pity they don't make it anymore!
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