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Going to Milwaukee for a wedding next month. Need to rent a car, and would love to try a Nissan cube. Is this even possible?

Whenever I have rented a car, it has always been utilitarian, and of course: American. So I've ended up with some Ford Focuses and the like. But I wanted to try something cool for a change, and I'll admit that those commercials have worked on me. I'll be driving to Lake Geneva from MKE, and the gas mileage seems pretty decent. I can't seem to find a way to search for a rental by vehicle, and I admit my Google-Fu may be weak. Any help from the Hive (or Milwaukee-based MeFites)?

(Any additional advice on the trip are welcomed, too. Never been to WI before, and already know I need to try 'cheese curds'. But the CUBE was the real question here)
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Renting a specific model of vehicle from a normal car rental firm is next to impossible, with only a few exceptions. Some rental companies will rent out specific 'halo' cars such as the Prius or a souped-up Mustang, but I doubt any will have the Cube. Some makes like Toyota have dealers that will rent out cars, but it doesn't look like Nissan does this, unless, strangely, if you're in Guam.
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Give a couple Nissan dealerships up there a call, and see what they say.
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