Will these shoes fit my wide feet?
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Will these shoes fit my wide feet?

My foot size is 12.5 (US) with a 4E width. I have a hard time finding shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. I really like these shoes. Do you think if I order a size up I will have enough room for my feet?

Hopefully, someone here has had hugo boss shoes before and can tell me how roomy they are. Thank you.
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Zappos has handy user ratings, which also specify whether other wearers of the shoes find them narrow or wide. I don't see that model on their site, but their sneakers seem to all be D or standard width, probably too narrow for you. They let you search by width, so maybe you can find a good sneaker that way?
I have wide feet too, and definitely many brands are too narrow, and almost all sneakers. The problem with ordering sneakers too large is that you need to be able to move well in them. That said, because I have tiny feet I almost always end up wearing shoes a bit too big with inserts/insoles - but it hasn't helped me for width.
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What kind of shoes do you have that are 12.5 4E? I'm about the same size in a dress shoe, but I've found that casual shoes can vary widely.

For example, I have a pair of Lacoste casual sneakers in size 14 that fit fine. Sometimes a size 13 works too, if it's a generous fit or flexible construction. But those Hugo Boss shoes look narrow and not very stretchable--like a pair of Pumas, which are non-starters for me.
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New Balance once specialized in athletic shoes for the wide footed, and still offers true 4E widths in most sizes, and up to 6E in men's shoes. Trying to wear bigger sizes to get greater width is a bad idea, since you get a longer shoe, particularly in the heel to arch measurement, when you do this, and that changes the flex point of the shoe, normally at the ball of the foot, relative to your foot, causing a tendency for heel slip and resulting blisters, not to mention plantar blisters, arch problems and even a tendency to hammer toe.
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Stretch em'
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Possibly. Check about returns; you may need to order them through/to a store and return them that way.

I second ordering from Zappos (for now - just bought by Amazon so the current free shipping/returns might not last) as I've had great service with them in the past.
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Stretch em'

I thought that stuff only worked with leather shoes. The description for these shoes says "Suede and textile upper/textile and synthetic lining..."
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