Downloaded WMV files have video but no audio in Windows Media Player for OS X
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Problems with Windows Media and OS X. (more inside)

When I download WMV files and view them using Windows Media Player 9 for OS X I can almost always see the picture but almost never hear the audio. Sometimes MPlayer works but I frequently get error messages and only hear the audio. The same thing happens with VLC and with both MPlayer and VLC I often get nothing.

Embedded WMVs are largely hit and miss: I either get both the audio and video or nothing, not even an error message, with the most recent versions of Safari and Firefox. Am I missing something here or is this just part of a Mac user's lot in life?
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It's not just muted is it? The mute button for WMP on OS X is much too subtle. It's the speaker icon next to the volume slider. If it's red - it's muted - and you need to click on it.
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Response by poster: Damn! Right you are. Thanks Mwongozi! It never occured to me. Oh the wasted hours and anger!
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I vote this for "MetaFilter Classic"
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I have a problem with WMV on OSX, too. About 3 months ago, The Daily Show's segments on the Comedy Central website suddenly switched from trouble-free embedded RealPlayer format to sucky WMV embedded format, and the video is choppy at best (I'm on 512kbit ADSL), often freezes the picture for long periods or drops the connection entirely. Is there a way to get it to play in Real format again?
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When I press these glowing coals to my face, I get the ow feeling on my face.
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Squirrel, have you tried the mute button?
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Okay, let's see... OW!
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