Good publisher of Italian classics?
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Good publisher of Italian classics? I ask only this: the text is as it was first written, the book is free from the pollution of study notes. I suppose I'm looking for the Italian equivalent of England's 'Oxford University Press', or Germany's 'Reclam'.
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Oscar Classici?
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Garzanti and i Meridiani look like they might be good, too. I have no experience with the books so I can't comment on their quality.

That website looks huge, maybe poke around in there. Presumably you speak better Italian than I do (which is to say, you speak any Italian) so hopefully the descriptions will give you enough info to find what you're looking for.
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Both suggestions are good - all of these will have an introduction (which can be short or longish) and some biographical notes on the author, but no comment.
You could also try Feltrinelli , which has a choice of different publishers and has its own "classics" paperback, low-cost editions.
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