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What are some educational (yet interesting) podcasts?

I'm looking for some "educational" podcasts. Specifically, I'm interested in subjects like history, astronomy (preferably geared more towards laymen), mythology, and just random trivia in general.

I'm interested in hearing any favorites you might have.

Previously, of course, but that's a couple of years old.
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention: I really enjoy the kind of "banter" format (Tank Riot, for example), so they don't need to be "professional" or anything like that. You know, just whatever.
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I like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. It's not particularly frequent, unfortunately.
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In Our Time!

It's a BBC Radio 4 program (& podcast) that has academics discussing a very specific subject in a way that is extremely interesting both to those with previous knowledge and absolute laymen. Each week, they focus on a subject from history, lit, philosophy, science, or religion (usually religious history, not theology).

There's an episode list on the wikipedia page.

Subscribe at their BBC website. They're on their yearly six week break right now, but will be back in September.

I'm completely addicted. Even when I'm not initially interested in the week's subject, it ends up being totally fascinating.
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Radiolab might have some episodes that cover topics you'd be interested in, as well as a format you'd find enjoyable.
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The University of Oxford's podcasts have lots of history and science.
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If you have any interest at all in classical music, the podcast from the National Arts Center Orchestra in Ottawa Canada, is good. Skip the ones where they intro upcoming concerts, and try the ones with more in depth content: ... and many more

(Disclosure: the host and I were up-and-coming young musicians in a youth orchestra together just about 40 years ago ...)
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Freedomain Radio
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I've fallen in love with the memory palace.
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ABC Radio National has great programmes

A few of my favourites

rear vision


the philosophers zone

Late Night Live is usually pretty interesting- but all good quality listening
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The History of Rome is awesome. Quirks and Quarks is a great science podcast.
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Seconding Radio Lab.
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Thirding Radiolab. It's by far the most engaging and interesting educational podcast I've heard. The subject matters are more towards the science side, but they cover a lot of ground. Some great introductory episodes:

Musical Language

Where Am I?

Yellow Fluff and other Curious Encounters

But they're all great.
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Tech Talk with Adam and Tim.

Full disclosure: I'm the Adam. :) It's still good though. Introductory computer topics.
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Astronomy Cast rocks!
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It sounds like you would enjoy 'Stuff You Should Know' from HowStuffWorks. HowStuffWorks has a number of other good podcasts too, check out their full listing , which includes Stuff You Missed in History Class and BrainStuff.
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CBC's Ideas sounds right up your alley:

Ideas is a program about contemporary thought. It explores social issues, culture and the arts, geopolitics, history, biography, science and technology, and the humanities.

Podcasts here. They are only archived for four weeks so get them while they're hot.
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Seconding "History of Rome". For etymology, podictionary is good, although I don't really like the bite-size format (i like to put something on and leave it on when I walk the dogs / make dinner / etc.)

The Age of Persuasion delves into advertising history each episode. But it's written by an ad man so it has a celebratory / apologetic tone.
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The TEDTalks podcast is amazing. There's also a vodcast.
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Seconding TEDtalks. Also, although it's mostly stories, I LOVE This American Life. They get a lot of good info from the Planet Money team, too. Also great - Spark. It's from Canada.
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