Intel Fab-4 - what does it mean?
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fab-4 - what does it mean? Is that where Intel made the 4004?
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Huh? The only Fab 4 I know about are these guys.
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Semiconductors have this habit of numbering the fabrication centers. I have no clue why. I don't keep track of them, although I was aware of Fab 25 and Fab 30
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What majick said. Intel's wafer fab plant in Aloha, Oregon - it closed in 1996 or 1997, I believe. This page has Here's some of the older ones.
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Semiconductors number their fab centers on parts for quality control and tracking purposes. If there's a problem in the field then they can track it back to a particular fab as well as a particular time and date and wafer. This helps them statistically correlate the problems. Is it just a defect on a single die? Is it a problem with the wafer or is it a process problem that's affected a batch or is it a design problem?
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This is probably not what you're talking about, but the old video card company "Number 9" was founded by a big Beatles fan. (Thus the company name.)

In particular I remember they had video cards called Imagine and Revolution. Their chip fabrication plant was called "fab four." I googled a bit and can't find any real sources to back that up, though.

Here's a (very brief) usenet posting about some Beatles references in their products.
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