How can I transfer Yahoo groups messages to gmail?
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Yahoo Groups. Their search interface, to put it mildly, sucks. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to how one could, say, transfer over a few thousand messages to gmail?
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What do you want to do? Transfer messages from yahoo groups to gmail? Be more specific!
If you want to import mail into your gmail account, you should use a program called "GMail Loader", easy to find on Google.
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No help here on the old messages, but for the new ones config Yahoo Groups to email individual messages to the Gmail account. If you have a lot of subscriptions to modify, use the bulk config interface at

2) Login
3) "My groups" (upper right)
4) "Edit My Groups
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Do youn mean transfer a whole archive? I don't think it can be done.
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Although I would lke to be able to do it.
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The last time I wanted a bunch of Yahoo Groups messages in a useful format, I used yahoo2mbox. I used it under Linux, but it's a Perl script, so should run on your OS of choice. You can only download about 200 messages per day before Yahoo Groups shuts you down for over-use though. (Wait 24 hours if this happens, and you should be OK again)

Once you have the Yahoo Groups messages in mbox format courtesy of yahoo2mbox, use GMail Loader as described above.

No guarantees this still works, I tried it most recently about 6 months ago.
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Response by poster: Found this:

Will try to dl messages to an outloook inbox, then send them up usling the loader..
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Gmail loader only seems to work on Windows and linux, and I'm using a Mac right now. I also want to transfer email (sorry to jump in) to gmail, from several accounts, including a yahoo one and a hotmail one, as well as a university-based webmail account. Any chance? I'd been meaning to ask here.
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