What movie am I thinking of?
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At the beginning of Bret Easton Ellis's Rules of Attraction, a townie makes a joke about a rat and an elephant having sex that I've heard in a movie before. What was that movie? Ellis's (NSFW?) version of the joke under cut.

"The townie winked at her, didn't bother to introduce himself, and then told her this joke he had heard last night about this elephant who was wandering through the jungle and who stepped on a thorn and it hurt a lot and the elephant asked a rat who was passing by to 'Please pull the thorn out from my foot' and the rat made a request: 'Only if you let me fuck you.' Without hesitation the elephant said okay and the rat scrambled up behind the elephant and began fucking. A hunter passed by and shot the elephant, who then started to moan in pain. The rat, oblivious to the elephant's wounds, said, 'Suffer baby, suffer,' and kept on fucking."

As far as I can remember, only the end of the joke was told in the movie (maybe--MAYBE-- it was a book, but I don't think so). I think that instead of "Suffer baby, suffer," the joke-teller in this movie said "Take it all, bitch," and that it was at a bar or a party. It wasn't the movie adaptation of Rules of Attraction, because I haven't seen it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Center Stage (Nick Hytner, 2000).
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Response by poster: Wow, you're totally right. And wow, that was a terrible movie.
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Well I don't know the answer but I've seen the film and the film I saw certainly wasn't Center Stage as I've never heard of it and it's not the kind of movie I'd watch.
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Well, that joke (with the "take it all, bitch" punchline) was indeed in Center Stage, but that hardly precludes it being in yet another movie of the sort YSSTOG would watch.
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There's another version of the joke where an ant mounts an elephant and the elephant doesn't even notice, elephant stubs toe, same punchline(s).
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Swimming to Cambodia (1987) had it in exactly the context mentioned.
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Yup, I've seen Swimming to Cambodia. :)
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