Bands similiar to The Cardigans?
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What bands are similiar to The Cardigans? I'm talking about their older stuff (late 90's).

I love The Cardigans. I really dig the sound they had in the late 90's. Any other bands out there with that sound/style?
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If you like the Cardigans, you might like Metric (this or this, for example). You might also try the Sundays, or further afield, post-"Skylarking" XTC.

(Was the Roxette suggestion sarcastic?)
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Metric is a great example... also Emily Haines and the Soft Skeletons.

You may also like the New Pornographers. Sundays is probably a good pick, though they never did a lot for me.
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Cranberries? Metric?
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Dammit, Gideon.
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(Was the Roxette suggestion sarcastic?)

Not at all.
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I found some songs by St. Etienne to have the Cardigans' shimmery pop sound. I like 'Sylvie' and 'You're In A Bad Way' (I can't find a video for that on YouTube for some reason.. and I don't know if that video will work for you). There's some more St. Etienne stuff on YT.

Or.. what about Echobelly? 'Great Things,' for one. And Sleeper! Try 'Inbetweener' and 'Nice Guy Eddie'.
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I second St. Etienne. You might also like Tahiti 80.
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The Concretes, maybe.
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Try Cinnamon (their album Vertigo in particular).
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The Primitives
maybe even Transvision Vamp?
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Try punching the Cardigans into Pandora.
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Start with the tracklisting of this album, then use the band names as input for (or Pandora).

Look out for vocalists who go on to solo careers too (I'm thinking of Tanya Donnelly)
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I knew I'd used that album in an answer once before. Might be worth exploring this thread
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Get St. Etienne's Good Humor. It was produced by Tore Johansson, who produced the albums from The Cardigans you like. I know this because I listened to Good Humor and thought, damn, was someone from The Cardigans involved in this?
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Camera Obscura. Also seconding the New Pornographers, but I push them on everybody and would have recommend them if you asked what other bands sound like Winger.
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Also, Swedish band Komeda. There are some videos on YouTube.
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On revisit, seconding Camera Obscura (damn, how did I forget that?) and St. Etienne.
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A friend who was a big fan of the Cardigans was a huge fan of the early Ivy stuff--apartment life, realistic--the later stuff--in the clear--not so much.
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Sleeper and Echobelly do seem like good choices - I would also recommend later period Bis, once they had grown out of J-pop a bit (the album Social Dancing is very good). Lamb are great, as are The Breeders, and Luscious Jackson. And maybe Morcheeba?
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Seconding Camera Obscura. Also check out Lykke Li.
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Komeda? Stereolab?
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Second Whale album. Maybe.
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Metric, The Submarines, First Aid Kit, Teddybears.
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Seconding Stereolab.
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Nth Camera Obscrua. But there's more!

Bishop Allen, Bat for Lashes, El Perro Del Mar, Feist, the 1900s

More tangential: Mika, Vampire Weekend, Regina Spektor's new albumn
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Broadcast, Hooverphonic, Nouvelle Vague
nthing Stereolab, Metric, Luscious Jackson, and Ivy
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Cosign Saint Etienne, the album Good Humor in particular, is right on.. for Lovefool era Cardigans, if that's what you're after. But they changed it up a lot, didn't they?

For Saint Etienne, most recent single from them: Method of Modern Love, so great! Also Shower Scene is a favorite of mine.

If you mean Cardigans like "My Favorite Game" era which was more rock.. hmm.. maybe you'd like Vivian Girls? Not exactly the same I know, but.. catchy.. Dean & Britta.. Moloko.
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Huge Cardigans fan myself. lots of good suggestions so far. Surely you already have all the A Camp stuff? Try the Long Blondes, the Essex Green, the Delgados, Rilo Kiley.
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Some (but not all) April March might fit the bill - probably her guest vocals on Bertrand Burgalat's records, and more likely her recent collaboration with Steve Hanft.
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The Sundays are awesome. They only made 3 albums. Tragedy.
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Response by poster: Gracias, ya'll :)
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