How to get fly-paper glue out of your hair.
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Seriously... my wife accidentally walked into a hanging roll of fly-paper, and has fly-paper glue all in her hair. I had to remove the roll from her hair, and I can't even get the glue of my hands. But, worse, she can't get the glue out of her hair. Shampoo, soap and washing-up liquid have so far failed. Thoughts, oh, hive mind. And, no, it's not funny... (bites tongue)
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Apparently peanut butter.

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It may be oil-soluble. Try soaking the glue in olive oil for a while (may be hours, depending on the amount of adhesive.)
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Try cooking oil or mineral (baby) oil. This is only a second-hand suggestion because I have no experience with removing the glue personally from human skin. (I had to get it off painted wood once, and whatever I finally used, it can't have been suitable. That is some fierce glue.)
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Lighter fluid. Goof off. Goo Gone. One of those will work - just avoid contact with skin and be close to the shower so she can wash quickly.

Of the three I'd start with Goo Gone, then lighter fluid. Goof off is nasty, nasty stuff... but it works.
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And from an MSDA sheet on one random brand of fly paper here:

IF ON SKIN: Solubilize adhesive in vegetable oil, mineral oil, or waterless hand cleaner, then wash with mild soap and water. Repeat if necessary. Call a physician if irritation persists.

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Acetone works well for removing glue.
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If it's the same kind of glue that's in a mouse trap, and I bet it is similar, vegetable oil should do the trick.
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That was me. The vegetable oil actually worked. Work in a few tablespoons as if it were shampoo, wait a few minutes, and wash it out. Tada!
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I am just mega-impressed with the speed! Vegetable or baby oil it is. Thanks, hive!
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@mdonley: my wife says the only irritation is hers at herself for doing this. She says to think about how I could have married someone normal... :)
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All good suggestions. Think we're going to steer clear of the lighter fluid though. My wife might walk too near one of our uplighters...
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While I haven't used it on hair or flypaper glue, I will swear by the ability of butane/lighter fluid to remove sticky/gummy stuff with remarkable ease. If the various oils don't work, try picking up a bottle - should be very cheap, and it will also come in handy in the future, most likely (removing sticky bits of tape, pricetags, etc.).
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The same thing happened to me this morning! So gross! Luckily, I shave my head. That's also my answer.
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butane/lighter fluid to remove sticky/gummy stuff

Not butane, it's not a liquid. You mean naphtha. But I wouldn't suggest putting naphtha in your hair if vegetable oil will work.
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Try nail polish remover, which is essentially acetone and should remove most adhesives. Strand by strand please, don't use it like shampoo; you don't want this stuff in her eyes.
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i don't know how to answer your question but i extend my deepest sympathies to your wife and her hair.
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