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My previously dormant love of guacamole has recently been reawakened. I. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. But what to do with it beside slathering on tortilla chips and burritos (and, ok, I admit, sometimes a spoon)? Any suggestions and recipes would be appreciated.
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Rye sandwiches with sprouts and other veggies!
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You're serving it as a condiment with scrambled eggs, correct? Yes? Great.
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guacamole goes on everything except, possibly, ice cream.

more specifically, it goes

on omelettes, especially ones that you've made with a little spicy sausage.

with radishes and other veggies, in addition to the usual tortilla chips.

on burgers, of course. I'm actually drooling a little as I write this.
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I love guacamole on grainy bread with turkey, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cucumber.
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Any sandwiches, wraps, etc. Also, hamburgers and turkey burgers! But a spoon will work, too! :)
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Use it like mayo on sandwiches!

I also like them with omelettes.
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Goes good on a plain bagel with egg, cheese, and bacon.
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Not quite guacamole, but: I saw a recipe in Sauveur a summer or two ago that went like this -- mix roughly equal parts avocado and goat cheese, smear thickly on a halved baguette or similar bread. Broil for a few minutes until melty and slightly browned. Top with chopped (or sliced) tomatoes and cucumbers, then dress with a vinaigrette. I made it a couple of times both hot and cold (when it was too sticky for broiling in my little kitchen at the time), and it was pretty tasty.
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Pita, heat a little Cheddar inside it, slice some fresh tomatillos, guacamole. Touch of lime in the Guac highly advised.
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Breakfast Burritos! They're not just for breakfast anymore! Egg (fried or scrambled), cheese (I like Montery Jack), bacon, black beans (plain or re-fried), salsa and guacamole embraced by a tortilla.
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I've never tried it, but I'd like to.
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Not quite guacamole, but: I love a blend of mashed avocado and blue cheese salad dressing as a sandwich spread.
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some more things that are made delicious by the addition of guacamole:

chicken breasts that you've marinated in a little lime-garlic-spice mixture and then grilled.

salad, with bacon drippings and toasted nuts

pizza (in moderation)

shoe leather


in other words, it makes EVERYTHING delicious. (except for ice cream; that's just gross.)

please don't actually try eating shoe leather, even though I'm sure it would be delicious
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came here to suggest it as a sandwich spread, but people beat me to it. Soooooooo good.
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Grilled cheese and guacamole/avacado sandwiches. People look at you funny when you order it, but DAMN is it good.
Also, in a general vegetable stir-fry, avocados are delicious.
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Avocado shakes are tasty.
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Not quite guacamole, but: I make a mean avocado smoothie. One avocado, a bit of ice, and about 2 Tbsp of simple syrup. You'd be surprised how deliciously sweet and creamy avocados can be.

A place in Austin makes avocado margaritas with a hint of cilantro, and they are divine.
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I use it as a salad dressing. mmmm must go get avocados...
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guacamole goes on everything except, possibly, ice cream

Guacamole, or at least avocados, makes pretty decent ice cream actually:

1/2 cup Orange juice
1/2 cup Lemon juice
1 cup heavy or whipping cream, well chilled
1 cup Mashed ripe avocados
1 1/2 cup Sugar

Mix juices. Beat cream in chilled bowl until almost doubled in volume. Add all ingredients; blend well. Freeze.
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I eat it with a fork- no vehicle required.

But in a corn-tortilla taco with a little meat, onions, and cilantro is my favorite.
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BGT (and BAT) sammiches are awesome as well: bacon and avocados, two great tastes that go great together!
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I once had home fries that blew my mind. The restaurant put the home fries in a baking dish, covered them with guac and jack cheese and baked them. There might have even been salsa involved.
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Do NOT listen to the haters...avocados are pretty good in sweet stuff, though very rich and an acquired taste. I give you avocado ice cream, Moroccan avocado milkshake, avocado mousse, Mexican avocado ice, avocado gelato, chocolate avocado cake (vegan!), avocado cake (not vegan!), creme de abacate (brazilian dessert), avocado pudding, avocado lassi...
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A local place makes a sandwich that consists of sliced turkey, avocado, hummus, lettuce and tomatoes stuffed in a pita. It's great. Substituting guacamole for the avocado would be just as good, I think.
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My favorite restaurant in college made a sandwich called the T.A.C. Turkey Avocado Cream cheese. It was divine. And I imagine a T.G.C. would be quite tasty as well.

Speaking of turkey, get out a flour tortilla, put a little deli sliced turkey in there, roll it up and cut into bite-sized sections, dip in guac, ascend to heaven.

And I, too, have tasted the divine fries of which archimago speaks. Indeed, salsa was involved. And sour cream.
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Turkey, bacon, avocado, swiss on grilled pita bread.
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Guacamole is the only thing on Earth that can induce me to eat a rice cake.

Also, grilled salmon with guacamole is amazingly delicious.
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put some pistachios into it. I know its against the laws of food, and obviously originates from the same culinary hell as sweetcorn pizza, but its actually - really - delicious. pistachios, chili, avocados, garlic and lots of lime juice. just make sure the pistachios are fairly crushed up.
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Not guacamole but.. A good ripe avocado is delicious with nothing but lime juice and sugar on it.
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This was recommended to me in one of my posts and its FANTASTIC. I have had it with guacamole instead of avocado and it was very tasty.
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Chicken guacamole salad?

Seasoned chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, guacamole on a french roll?

5 or 7 layer dip?

On steak or a steak salad with it

hamburger condiment with jalapenos

hopefully you are making this stuff yourself (the guacamole) as it's even better freshly made!
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Make pinwheels: spread guacamole generously on a strip of smoked salmon, roll tightly, and toothpick. (This is also a great hors d'oeuvre if you're ever hosting someone on a low-carb diet.)
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Toss pureed or mashed avo with cooked green tortillini and a little pesto. Serve warm.
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How come no one has mentioned quesadillas? Quesadillas go wonderfully with guacamole.

And yes to whoever said that guacamole goes well with almost anything. Here in México, a lot of restaurants put a side of guacamole on many orders (tacos, fish, grilled meat, chicken, etc etc etc.)

Discussion of this question with my husband has prompted the ordering of a thin-crust pizza just so that we can put some guacamole on it. Your question has now cost me $128 pesos!
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Response by poster: These are all fantastic answers, including many I didn't think of on my own - thanks everyone!
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An avocado treat I grew up eating:
Half an avocado with the pit-hole filled with a simple vinaigrette (olive oil, vinegar, coarse mustard, salt, pepper).
Just use a spoon and scoop it out - it's the best
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Nachos supreme. I make basic refried bean and cheddar-jack nachos and serve them with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. The best thing about this is that in a pinch, you can substitute some of the same bottled salsa for fresh vegetables in the guacamole, and/or add sour cream if you're short on avacados.
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