Catalogging software for TV station?
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Please help me find a software program that will maintain an inventory and checkout process for a public TV station.

I'm freelancing at a public TV station that is about to move into a new building. The idea is being bandied about to have some sort of inventory software where employees can check out all the digital tapes to keep track of who has what. I used to be a school librarian so I know basics of library software, but I'm not sure what would work for a TV station. Being that we're supported mainly by donors, it cannot be a super expensive software, but it must be reliable. Any ideas of where to begin or what would be suitable? I'm not even sure where to begin.
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Getting free or cheap software to do this is not difficult, but your criteria reveals a larger question as to whether they have the money/people to maintain the system once it's implemented, or even a machine to install it on in the first place.
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