How to protect a new sofa from stains?
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Just bought a new very light beige color sofa and would like to protect it from spills and stains. Any advice?
I've read good reviews about "scotchguard". Any tips on that?
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Um, use it? Scotchgard is great!
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Yep. Scotchguard has protected many a pair of fabric and suede boots on my feet over my life. Definitely use it.
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We have a five year old. Scotchguard has saved our sofa many times.
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Fourthing Scotchguard. It's the mutts, beez, etc...
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If your sofa fabric is very light, be sure to check for discoloration by first applying Scotchguard to an inconspicuous area. Scotchguard can change the color or sheen of fabrics a bit, and can be differentially absorbed by brocaded fabrics like polished cotton, or synthetic blends. You can also have the sofa Scotchguard treated professionally, where they take the piece away to a large spray booth, overspray it with a couple of coats of protectant, blot any excess, and than dry it under IR lamps. The formulation of Scotchguard used in this process has a different solvent base than the stuff you get in the do-it-yourself spray cans, and will work on some fabric blends/constructions that the home stuff won't (velveteen, corduroy, knapped fabrics, brocades, etc.).
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If you do it yourself, make sure that the room is VERY well ventilated. You don't want to breathe the stuff.

Once it's dry, it's awesome!
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I have a beige sofa, which I paid to have professionally scotchguard-ed in 1999. At least five times over the past ten years I have (or a guest has) spilled an *entire glass* of red wine onto the couch, and it has come off completely with a quick blot of a paper towel. That stuff is freaking magic. Best $75 I've ever spent.
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