Help me find Things to furnish an apartment
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Need some ideas for home furnishing/design blogs...

So, after 6+ years of sharing places with roommates, I am about to finally have my own place, and it's a frankly massive one-bedroom. Awesome, yes...but I have no Things with which to fill it. I require Things! Lamps, curtains, dishes, and various and sundry other accoutrements.

Can anyone recommend good design blogs? The most important thing would be that they have extensive links to where Things can actually be bought, and that said Things are actually affordable (ie, not $90 for a damn shower curtain). Ideas are great, but I really need links to the actual products, instead of just "this is some conceptual couch/bed/stereo/bird feeder that some guy mocked up in Sweden and it will never actually go on the market and if it does, you cannot in any way afford it".
Stylewise, I'm thinking of things like Apartment Therapy , Decor8 and Emma's .

Oh PS, I am aware of Etsy but it's so vast that I'd need blog entries about individual designers so I could go look at their stuff...I'd rather not click through 800 pages tagged "curtains".

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If you're handy, you might enjoy IKEA Hacker.
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better living through design:
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Design*Sponge (on the pricey side, but she has tons of great links)
CasaSugar (runs the gamut pricewise)
Making It Lovely (sorta lifestyle-y, but there are lots of decorating posts)
Door Sixteen (Chicagoan remodels her historic home)
Becoming Home (hasn't been updated in a while, but the archives are nice)
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Also, while DIY Ideas is not a blog, it's full of excellent ideas for home-y DIY, and the projects are generally fairly inexpensive.
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I also like freshome,, some neat things in there.
and Readymade if you're interested in recycling, modern design and DIY projects for unique furnishings/decor.
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Amongst those already mentioned, I'd like to add:

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I like the blog formerly known as This Young House, now known as Young House Love.
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young house love is a good one, and in their design dilemmas section, they design mood boards for readers who need help with a specific room and include exactly where to buy all the things suggested.
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For reasons I can neither explain or understand, I find the couple who writes This Young House/Young House Love to be completely insufferable. For what it's worth.

For design ideas (but not so much links to buy stuff), I like I Suwannee and Decorno.
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Response by poster: This is so great, thank you! I am about to have a mental breakdown from looking at all these curtains but these are fantastic ideas, thank you all...
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I used to subscribe to a bunch, but when I weeded down my blog list, I only kept Desire To Inspire. Sometimes they're way off the mark (for my tastes), but otherwise I usually like what I see.
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apartment therapy.
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