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Where can I get some nice wifi in Nantucket... preferably in town? Even paid is ok w me I have one workday out of my whole vaca
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Nantucket Athenaeum (map) has wifi, or it used to, though in the past [distant past] they've been a little pesky about people using it when the library is closed. Might wan tot make sure.
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It's a great building -- computers (laptops) were upstairs in 2005 -- and I think they had some extra workspace too. I don't remember the downstairs too well beyond the books and the really nice DVD collection -- I think there were some easy chairs on the main floor but I don't remember any tables. There's a little park on the left side of the building with benches.
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I was just on the Island last week. The Steamship Authority has free wifi at the ferry terminal (and on the ferry!) building and surrounding area. (BTW the 3g network on Nantucket was pretty good.)
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I meant the other left. That would be right side of the building -- oy.
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