iPhone app syncing woes
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I just sold out and got an iPhone 3gs. After some amount of pain and a few virtual images and iTunes installs, I finally got all of my contacts synced over, and I have discovered that I can't sync from multiple PVs like I used to. Not a problem- except for apps.

The problem I have is that I installed all of my apps OTA, and the first time I synced after that, it was to my work PC. Most of my media is on my home PC, so I would like to make that "master" for syncing. But when I check "sync apps" it warns me that all apps on my iPhone will be replaced with those on my iTunes library- which is blank. I know that I have all of my apps and data backed up on my work PC- how can I switch this to my home PC? My big fear is losing all of my app data. Both are running winXP.
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Have you looked into iTunes Store authorization and deauthorization?
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Doesn't the iTunes store remember your apps and allow for redownloading? I redownloaded an app I'd accidentally deleted and got a message that as I'd already paid it I could redownload it for free. There's probably some sort of time limit on this, though....
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Yeah, if you've authorized your home machine and your logged into the same iTunes account, all your apps will come over.
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Apps actually "sync" (making your phone and all PCs contain the same ones), the way that music and movies should, but don't.
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What happens if you right-click on the iPhone and select "Transfer Purchases"? Will that copy the apps onto your computer?

I believe application data is automatically backed up as part of the iTunes backup procedure, and is independent from the app itself - so I don't *think* you'll have a problem there. Worst case if something goes wrong, you should be able to do a restore from your work computer and install the backup when it's over.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't tried any of the above in this exact circumstance, although I have done lots of restores in my day and never had any data-loss.
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Just sync on your home PC. It will make a brand new backup of all your App data on your home PC. It should also copy all your Apps over too, if it doesn't don't worry just load up a flash drive and copy all your .ipa files from work pc (each app has it own ipa file - located in your documents>music>itunes folder>mobile applications folder). App data you created like saved levels in super monkey ball, etc are not located there - only your phone and backup.

As soon as you sync at home, don't sync again at work because it may delete your original backup with app data and you need that if something goes awry at home. If something does go wrong hook up your iPhone at work, click the Restore button. It will delete everything then restore from your backup.

You may also look into backing up your backup file, another discussion though.
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