How do a plan a last-minute bachelor party in Boston?
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What are some suggestions for a last-minute Bachelor Party in Boston this coming weekend?

Best man was really dropping the ball, so the rest of the groomsmen and I went ahead and started putting together a little bachelor party action for this coming weekend.

So far, we're day-tripping down to Foxwoods for some gambling action, then coming back to Beantown for dinner at Morton's Steakhouse in the Back Bay area. We're also considering Cigarmasters nearby.

Groom is pretty straight shooter vanilla-type with a side of geek. Fan of WWE and World of Warcraft. He's also not a drinker really. Not sure how into the stripper thing he'd be, but its an option if there's something classier to go after.

I'm completely open for suggestions of things to do in the Foxwoods region to make it more special than just some gambling time, but even more so some places to hit up in the Back Bay area and around for some enjoyable bachelor-party like activities. Additionally, if you have a general idea of how to make this a special evening moreso than another night with the guys would be much appreciated as described here.
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Response by poster: @grobstein Sadly, they are not on metafilter. Otherwise, could've been an awesome plan.
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Best answer: After dinner, you might want to head over to (the super close by) Kings. They have bowling and billiards, so you'd have fun activities to keep your sober groom occupied (while you, his dear friends, could continue... drinking!)
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F1 racing was a fun activity we did for one friend's bachelor party...
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You'll need reservations if you want to do F-1, as we learned on a similar last-minute bachelor party.

One staple of our Boston-area bachelor parties has been a trip to the firing range. We've done handguns and trap shooting. Trap shooting was actually a lot of fun - people who did not enjoy the handguns got a kick out of it. We went here for the trap shooting, but that's a bit north. Firing range, this looks like it could be on your route. You'll want to call ahead to give the range a heads up that you'll be coming by, just to make sure there's no event going on and someone will be around to walk everyone through the basics. Obviously, don't drink and fire.

Kings is good, but also keep in mind reservations. We were denied the chance to bowl (at the same party where F1 fell through), but got drinks anyways.

You are lucky that there is no Sox game at Fenway this weekend. This opens up all of Lansdowne for you. Jillians is okay for pool (I miss the arcade, but I'm mentally 12 and suck at pool) and there are plenty of other places to get a drink.

Speaking of drinking, even if the bachelor isn't much of a drinker, he may decide to be for his bachelor party. Keep this in mind when it comes to scheduling as in the end it's what he wants to do, not the schedule, so if he wants to hang around for "just one more" you may end up giving a stop or two a miss.
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Response by poster: @robocop is bleeding: Certainly miss the arcade as well. Groom is a hardcore Dance Dance Revolution fan, if Jillian's arcade was still around we could give him a DDR drinking challenge, but alas.

Any ideas for an open DDR location?
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bear in mind that if all else fails, the bowling alley in dorchester near neponset circle is always open.
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Best answer: I don't know if you've been to Foxwoods before or not, but I would definitely suggest that you want the MGM Grand at Foxwoods part of the property rather than Foxwoods itself. It's smaller, but has a more upscale, bachelor party feel. You can walk between the two without having to go outside, but it's far enough that you should look for their garage and park there.

But I'll also mention that DiscourseMarker and I just visited nearby Mohegan Sun for the first time, and were more impressed with it than either part of Foxwoods.
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Best answer: Also close by (same building as Kings) is Bukowski's, among the better beer bars in Boston.
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Oh, and the MIT Game Room has DDR.
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Best answer: If you are going to a casino for a bachelor party, it should be Mohegan Sun and not Foxwoods (or MGM Grand). Mohegan is bigger than MGM Grand with more to do (more clubs, restaurants) and is cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than Foxwoods. You can gamble a little, getting some free drinks, then go up to the second floor where there are 3 or 4 different clubs/bars. Ultra 88 is for the more "nightclub" crowd, but Lucky's Lounge and the Irish Pub are both pretty awesome. There's also a good chance that you will see a bachelorette party or 5. Whenever I'm there on a weekend, it seems like there is always more than one bachelorette party. Bachelor party + random bachelorette party = lots of fun.

On the way back to Boston, stop at the Foxy Lady in Providence. It's the classier of the strip clubs in Providence, and it will prevent you from making the buzzkilling 2-hours-plus drive back to Boston in one shot.
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Best answer: Look no further than Boston Derby Dames--ladies' roller derby action!!! The Boston Massacres have a bout on Saturday versus a team from Phoenix, I think--then a match up between two of the local teams, followed by an afterparty--all taking place at the Shiners' hall in Wilmington (about 15 minutes north of the city).

Great fun is to be had--and, although it is not staged like wrestling, it has the same pageantry...
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