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Need to ship clothing from Canada (rural Manitoba) to the UK (Kent) cheaply. Suggestions?

I'm moving to Tonbridge, Kent next month. I'm working on losing the weight that I've recently put on. I have a lot of clothes that currently don't fit. I'm leaving the 'skinny clothes' at my parents with hopes of having them sent to me as I lose the weight. I'll be teaching and so need professional outfits. I don't want to spend money on clothes while I'm there; I'd rather spend it on travelling.

Extra wrinkle (pun intended??) is that my parents are elderly and live 3 hours from Winnipeg and 1.5 hours from Brandon. I'd like a company that is reasonably priced, but more importantly EASY for my parents to work with.
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Why not just take all the clothes with you, and then get rid of the bigger clothes as you lose the weight? If you're using a shipping company to relocate, the cost of the extra boxes would probably be less than shipping them separately.
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Response by poster: Thank you. I think that might be the best option!
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