Can I kill a few evenings in Wichita?
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Anything interesting to do in Wichita next week?

I'm flying in to Wichita on Monday and leaving on Friday. I'll be traveling with the president of my company, we are both in our mid-fifties. He's from Chicago, loves barbeque, and has been to Wichita many times. I'm from Memphis and this will be my first time to visit. Can you tell me what might be an evening "must do" with just this limited information? Thanks.
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The campus of Wichita State is surprisingly interesting. There's tons of sculpture scattered everywhere; if you like architecture, there's a very good late Frank Lloyd Wright building on campus (I think it's the education school), and on top of all that you can see the original Pizza Hut.
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I'm about 90 miles from Wichita and I usually check the Wichita Eagle's Entertainment Calendar to see if there's anything interesting going on. It has all sorts of categories to browse. Hope you find something fun to do!
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The Wichita Art Museum is awesome, but you'd need daytime hours. Old Town is a former industrial area turned arts/entertainment/restaurant district, you'd find things to do there in the evenings as well as a lot of good places to eat.
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What do you like to do?

Monday Jazz at the Blank Page

A showing of Cannonball Run at the Vagabond Monday night (outside, smoking allowed bar/coffeeshop)

Wednesday there is live Jazz at Yia-Yia's from Miss Kansas Emily Deaver

more jazz Thursday

Aliens is also showing on Thursday

"Fuel" a film about oil dependence also Thursday

Live opera it looks like at the Blank Page thursday also

In general,'s calender is pretty up to date.

Their website doesn't say it but I think the botanical gardens are open until 8 on Thursdays (with maybe music and booze).

The zoo will be open until 8:30 on Tuesday - it's pretty awesome.
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