Disabling calls but not Internet on an iPhone
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While playing music through pandora or slacker on the iPhone is there any way to disable or silence calls that come in?

I unexpectedly have to play mp3j tonight and don't have access to my computer or iPod. I'm wondering if I can just turn on Slacker or Pandora on my iPhone, while not having to worry about incoming calls or texts I interupting the music.
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Airplane mode.
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Airplane mode would prevent data from working. You're looking for call forwarding to voicemail, or "do not disturb mode". I'm on my iPhone right now, or I'd link you to search results, but that should get you started.
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Can't you just put it on vibrate/mute? When I listen to the ipod with it on the phone just, er, vibrates. New texts, calls, email ... the works. Perhaps I'm missing something here, sorry.
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Best answer: Is there wifi where you're DJing? You can put it in airplane mode to avoid incoming calls, texts, etc but turn the wifi back on and use that to connect to Pandora.
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Call forwarding would stop calls, but not texts. I think what olinerd said about WiFi is the only thing that you could manage.
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I think airplane mode is out: it disables all modes of getting data into the phone, so your Internet radio streams won't work.

If you have WiFi at the event, try removing the SIM card? I've never used an iPhone without a SIM, it may fail entirely, but in theory it could allow for WiFi to work but not any phone services. Alternately go into the phone settings and disable all sounds for incoming calls and SMS messages. Test it though, I fear it might still pause playback when something comes in. A final option would be to enable call forwarding with your cell provider; that'll at least prevent incoming phone calls from interrupting your DJ robot.
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I just tested olinerd's suggestion and it works a treat. Enabling Airplane Mode turns off cell, wifi, and bluetooth, but wifi can be selectively reenabled with Airplane Mode still active.
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