XBOX 360 on a wireless bridge
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How do I connect my xbox 360 to computers on the same wireless network if the xbox 360 is connected to a wireless bridge?

I think the fact that there is a wireless bridge separating my xbox 360 from the rest of my network, including the computer that has media files, is keeping the xbox from connecting to anything. I'm interested in options like PlayOn and TVersity, but I need help getting the network in shape so that I can use them.

I'd like either to figure out how to connect the xbox 360 to the computer with files that's connected via LAN port to the main router, which is running DD-WRT 23sp2, or connect the xbox to another computer that is connected via LAN port to the wireless bridge, which is running DD-wrt 24.
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A wireless bridge in client mode should be just like anything else on your network. Are you able to ping the xbox's IP address from your computer? Is the IP address on the xbox on a different subnet than the computer?
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Make sure the connection is actually in bridge mode and not doing NAT with a DHCP address.
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I think I see the problem. I want a repeater bridge, not a wireless bridge. Let me see if this changes things.
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Are you currently using a dd-wrt router to be the wireless bridge (plugging the xbox into the lan port and letting the wireless link to your main network router?)
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Everything seems to be working. Thanks for the help!
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Just in case anyone was wondering, I used these instructions to set up the wireless repeater.
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