Getting an Xbox360 cheaply connected to a wireless network
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I'd like to connect an Xbox360 to a home (AirPort-based) wireless network on the cheap.

What bridge would you recommend for this purpose that is:
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable
  • Works with a secured AirPort network
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The official xbox one is about £60 in the UK, and it's dead simple, plug and play, works a dream. Dunno if you'd find a cheaper one than that...
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Response by poster: This would be purchased inside the US. Would prefer to avoid the official USB adapter, due to cost.
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Use a Linksys WRT54G (or other compatible router) with DDWRT/Tomato/etc to set it up as a client bridge. Should cost less than $40.
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Make sure you go for a WRT54GL on that route, the new WRT54G's are neutered beasts with not enough memory to run dd-wrt any more.
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Just added my 2 cents to both recent threads:

I have 2 WRT54G routers in a "WDS Mesh"... basically they create one big wireless network. I did this using the aforementioned DD-WRT.

The advantage of the WDS mode over the client bridge mode is that I can connect multiple devices to it (my Wii and 360 in this case, as well as a laptop) rather than just using it as a bridge for one device.

This allows me to have computers in one room connected to one router, and my Xbox 360 and Wii in my living room connected to the other. As far as the Xbox 360 knows, it's on a wired connection (because it's wired to my second router), so you don't need to buy a wireless device for it.
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Response by poster: I really hate working with Linksys equipment, but if the price is right I'll give it a shot.
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Cheapest and simplest solution is an ethernet cable from the Airport to the XBOX, since you don't say how far apart they are. Ethernet cables be be really long.

A free solution is to swap your 360 for a PS3. The PS3 has Wi-Fi built-in and as an added bonus, doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner. I'm only half joking - the fan noise is why I only ever turn my 360 on to play Halo 3; my PS3 sees a lot more use.

Or you could use the official adaptors - this MS-made XBOX one alledgedly works with the 360 and is only $50 (read the comments on the Amazon page), while the official 360 one is $88 or so and much prettier. I don't see what could be simpler than the official 360 adaptor and the price still seems cheap to me.

Or use a hacked LinkSys box or something.
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I'll second what w0mbat said.

I was in the same situation a few months ago, but finally figured out that I was able to share my MacBook's wireless connection through an ethernet cable to my xbox 360. It works like a charm. There is a slight lag in the gameplay, which I think is mainly due to the inconsistency of my wireless connection.

Basically, buy an ethernet cable of desired length, mine was about 25 dollars at RadioShack for a cable of 50' length. Then follow the tutorial below.

Sharing Your Mac’s Wireless Airport Network Connection With Your XBox 360

Inexpensive: check
Reliable: As reliable as your wireless connection.
Works with Airport: check

There is no need to buy one of those wireless adapters or a wireless router.
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Response by poster: I don't wish to use Ethernet cable, but thanks anyway.
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Response by poster: Okay, just to follow up, I bought a WRT54GS and the firmware I installed (DD-WRT) ended up bricking it.

I've tried various methods to unbrick it, none of which work and all of which also have voided the warranty, so I'm out about half the price of an Xbox wireless adapter.

My advice to anyone reading this is to not buy Linksys hardware to try this, and either get the Xbox adapter or use different network hardware altogether.
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Sigh. The newer WRT54GS are really not a good router to put dd-wrt on, it's even worse than the modern WRT54G's in terms of stripped down hardware - they're simply too crippled in terms of flash to use well.

A WRT54GL or WRT160N are the way to go for something new, I've flashed over a dozen of them with dd-wrt and they're all rock solid. In case anyone reads this tail of woe, the dd-wrt hardware compatibility list is a good place to start when choosing a router.
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