Great Hats in Boston
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Any recommendations for a hat seller in Boston (preferably Cambridge)? I'm looking for a nice quality Panama-ish hat and can't find anything beyond Lidz which sells ball caps. Once I have a hat, I'll tip it to you in thanks.
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There are a couple of Brooks Brothers retail stores in Boston (one on State St. near Faneuil Hall, one on Newbury St. near the Common) which might have that sort of hat in stock. Their catalog has a few (although they're a little pricey).

You could also stop in at J. Press and the Andover Shop over by Harvard, which also stock "the classics" like Brooks does.
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You may be out of luck.
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(Actually, reading that link all the way through provides some options.)
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Response by poster: Hooray--the "out of luck" link actually led me to a pointer. There is a real hat shop in Boston, called Toppers. They don't seem to have a website, but here's the Yelp review page . They seem quite beloved.

An extra six stops on my subway route and I'm there--thanks, folks!
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Response by poster: Oops: here is the Link to Toppers.
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I haven't been in this store since it moved off of Boylston, but Walker's Western always had a large selection of hats, not just cowboy stuff. It's been a few years, so maybe it might be worth a phone call first, as the website is pretty uninformative.
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Toppers is a great great shop! I haven't been there in years, but still, it should have what you want.
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Salmagundi is in JP, which would be a trek from Cambridge, but they have some pretty stylish options. It's not a huge store, but devoted to really interesting accessories.
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I heartily recommend Salmagundi. They have a lot of really great stylish men's hats there, especially for such a small store.
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The gentleman at Drinkwater's, who I trust for all things Men's Dress, recommends Toppers for a more traditional Panama and Salmagundi for a more youthful version.
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Toppers is a hat store that is in Boston. It's on Tremont St between Park and Boylston --- used to be on Newbury. They have men's hats and women's hats, hats with veils, straw hats, plumed hats, red hats, blue hats, all kinds of hats --- possibly will have what you're looking for, but possibly not.

I love that store.
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Oh, on preview I see you discovered Toppers. Hooray!
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