How to incorporate a museum entry pin into a gift
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Give me some ideas for something fun and thoughtful to do with a museum entry pin thingy.

You know those little round foldable metal clips you get when you go to a museum that you wear while you're in there? (I'd post a picture, but I don't know what they're called, and none of the possibilities I can think of come up on the Google. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about!)

Well, I'd like to incorporate it into a little gift to my GF who came with me to the museum. I've thought about attaching it to a note, but I've done similar type things and I'm looking for something more creative. I also thought about attaching it as a fun, whimsical necklace or something, but: a) those things are kind of sharp; and b) although I think she'd appreciate it, I don't think she'd ever wear it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, MeFites!
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Make a refrigerator magnet out of it!
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Is it common for museums to have these? I don't think I've ever seen something like a pin that you didn't have to buy in the gift shop.

You could cast it in clear resin as a keychain ornament.
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Likewise, make a pushpin if she uses a corkboard. It's as easy as getting a brass tack that as a flat head and superglue-ing it on the back.
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HFSH, I think they mean like those aluminum tokens you get from the Metropolitan to make sure you made a "voluntary" donation.
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HFSH: If it's anything like the ones you get for entry into the Philly Art Museum, which I'm familiar with, it's a little metal badge with a tab that you fold over so it hangs/clips on your shirt collar, etc.

Echoing fridge-magnet.
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Admission Control Buttons!

Sorry for the slight derail but thought people might appreciate that.
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Response by poster: Gold star to like_neon! Among the various search terms/combinations I used were "museum", "entry", "receipt", "admission", "button", "pin" and got nuthin'!

Great suggestions so far!
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I've seen them as earrings before. So they're not too sharp for that.
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At my house we have a bunch of admission control buttons from Roy G Biv folded over the top of a lampshade that is also polka-dotted with our huge collective pin/button/badge collection.
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Maybe put it in a scrapbook (if that isn't too corny), with the idea of adding more mementos as time goes on?

You could put a little section in the back named "Baby's First Museum Trip!" ok, just kidding there.
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like the scrapbook idea, I'd frame it and a few pictures from the day, if you have any.
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