Keeping crepe soles clean?
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I've recently acquired a pair of crepe soled boots (some good ol' Wallabees) and I love them to bits. But the light colored sole gets grimy fast. Any tips for keeping the soles clean and in good condition?

The company suggests:

We would recommend getting most of the dirt off with an over the counter spray cleaner like 409. To remove any remaining debris use a medium grit sand paper.

Would you add anything to that, or do you have a completely different regimen to suggest? Thanks!
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I'd try a magic clean sponge on a inconspicuous spot (sole?) and see what that does. Otherwise, I think microfiber cloths - the fuzzy washcloth-y ones, not the smooth glasses cleaning ones - with an innocuous cleaner like dr bronners or something.
To keep them from getting grubby in the first place, something matte but deflecting substance - again test it, but maybe something like leather protective spray? Or something wax based like leather conditioner?
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Art gum erasers are great for that kind of thing.
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