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Verizon voicemail - Is there an option to return the call of the person who left the message?

My Verizon phone's voicemail has an option to leave a "reply" for someone who has left a message - basically, give them a voicemail - but it doesn't have an option to just call back the number. Is there a key I'm missing or an option in the menu I'm not using?
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I think if you hit "5" while listening to the voicemail it will give you the phone number the person called from. If it's an unlisted number or out of the country number, you're out of luck.
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Wait til the very end of the message. It will tell you "Press 7 to delete, press 9 to save, and [I think 5? Maybe 0?] for more options." Press that one. It will tell you when the person called, the message duration, etc., and then it says "To return call, press..."
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88 does it for me.
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Still no luck. 88 brings me back to "reply." 0 doesn't give an option to call back.
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After my personal message the Verizon lady says how to leave a message, and then states: "to leave a call back number, press 5". So, it's up to the caller to make the choice, but there is an option for them to just leave a number. As an alternative, maybe check your phone log for incoming or missed calls?
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