I need a hotel room in Oakland tomorrow!
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I'm making a last minute trip to Oakland tomorrow and I need a place to stay.

My housing fell through and I need a reasonable hotel room (>$100/night?!) for Wednesday and Thursday near this neighborhood. (Grand Avenue near Rose Garden or Fairview Park)

Unfortunately, I won't have access to a car so proximity to BART is key. To add to the fun, I don't know the area at all, so any advice about what areas to avoid would be great. Thank you!
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The Bellevue Club comes to mind. I haven't stayed there, and it's a bit over your price range, but I'll bet it's OK. I live nearby and the neighborhood is pretty good by Oakland standards. You will be an easy 10 -15 minute walk to your destination and a 20 minute walk to the nearest BART station. I don't think you will anything closer and probably nothing cheaper in Oakland that is acceptable. Feel free to send me a mefi mail if you want more info.
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You mean <>Rose Garden Inn in Berkeley, close to the Oakland border, and found it to me more than adequate. They have a room available now for $95 a night.
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Left angle bracket got munged. My post should begin with "you mean less than $100, right?"
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d'oh! I did mean less than $100 a night!
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There's a youth hostel in Berkeley--I don't know how close it is to the neighborhood in question, but it is definitely much less than $100/night. I don't have the link handy, but I'm sure that Google would reveal all.
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Check your MeFi mail
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Thanks everybody for your input, but I had to postpone the trip. But now I've got some great resources for next time, right?

Appreciate it!
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