Last-minute July 4th plans for NYC wanderer
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Last-minute July 4th plans for NYC wanderer?

My plans for July 4th fell through over the weekend so I'm left with nothing to do. I beseech you, AMeFi armchair travel agents: Help me find something fun for the long weekend!

I would prefer to travel outside the city, and would do so by plane, train or bus. Don't own a car. I will spend a reasonable amount of money, but cheaper is, of course, better. Would also consider city-based activities or maybe a daytrip or two to a nearby locale. I am a Manhattan-centric NYCer, so recommendations of things going on in the outer boroughs would be very welcome. Help me show myself how cool Brooklyn and Queens are!

Things I like: hiking, interesting food and restaurants, camping (but all my camping gear is elsewhere! boo), biking (bike=with the camping gear), reading, water (to play and to drink), music/concerts, sports, documentaries and movie screenings, outdoor festivals, etc etc etc

I am open to almost anything. Even if I didn't list it above, and you know of something cool going on, tell me!
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if you can borrow camping gear from someone, the queens county farm museum is throwing an independence day pig roast and campout! the farm is lovely, everyone who works there is nice, and you can take a bus almost all the way there from manhattan.
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Well it ain't cheap, but if you decided to actually stay in town and watch the fireworks, Hudson Terrace on West 46th is running a BBQ buffet and open bar for the 4th.

Probably not quite what you had in mind, but I figured I'd suggest it for anyone else that may watch this thread.
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This isn't July 4th specific, but since you mentioned being into camping and hiking: you can take MetroNorth to many places with good hiking upstate NY. I'd recommend looking into trails near Beacon and Cold Spring, like Breakneck Ridge. That way, you don't have to rent a car or deal with traffic on the highway in a bus.

The NYNJTC has some good info on hiking via public transit: you don't need a car.

In town, Rooftop Films is having a 4th of July party on top of the Chelsea Art Museum with a good view of the fireworks. That's where I'll be... not sure about other festivities.
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One Brooklyn idea -- which would take care of both Thursday and Sunday -- is in Red Hook; a non-profit group has kayaks and canoes available for you to take out and mess about in for about a half hour at a time. They set up shop at a pier in Red Hook from 6-8 on Thursdays and from 1-5 on Sundays.

I went out on Sunday for the first time and I am now a convert.
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You can see Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band with Jenny Lewis in Battery Park for the River to River Festival.
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