Help identify the titles of two cool sci-fi movies involving psychic abilities
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Help identify the titles of two cool sci-fi movies involving psychic abilities. The first is about a man with the psychic ability to order others. He'd get a nosebleed when he overdid it (I think... I hope I'm not mistaken with Firestarter here). At some point he was kidnapped by a government agency. The film ended with a psychic duel between the protagonist and another psychic.

The second film involved a technology of recording experiences directly from the brain and started with someone watching a recording of some teenagers jumping over a roof and the recorded one falling to his death. Involved a serial killer who would hook up a device and get live feedback from his victims.

The style of the first one was close to Firestarter but it was a different movie.

Thank you!
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Second movie is Strange Days.
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Is the second one Brainstorm?
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First is Firestarter.
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Best answer: The first one sounds like a movie from the 1970s called the Fury with Andrew Stevens. I remember seeing this in the movie theater and it scaring the heck out of me.
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I think the first one is Scanners
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Though it's probably The Fury.
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I don't think the second one is Brainstorm, I think it is Strange Days. There wasn't a killer doing the feedback thing in Brainstorm.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Strange Days and The Fury are what I was looking for...
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Wow...I'd never heard of Strange Days but it's heading straight to the sounds like a hell of a movie.
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It is, but it's both very fin de si├Ęcle and Angeleno in nature.
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Strange Days is awesome. It also features Skunk Anansie, whose music I'm still fond of.
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I loved Strange Days too -- it was wrongly denigrated upon its release, in my humble opinion.
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Oh, and that link is not recommended for epileptics. Significant strobage going on.
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(Though written by James Cameron and directed by Katherine Bigelow, 'Strange Days' is better in its concept than it's execution.)
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Drafted by government? Ending in a psychic duel? I'd say Dreamscape, (1984). Link with video clip.
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The Strange Days director is about to release another movie called the Hurt Locker, this one about bomb disposal people. I think it's out in a week or so.
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1st is definitely Scanners. The protagonist and antagonist are brother scanners who have a scanner duel and one incorporates the other into his own body.
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Sounds a lot more like Scanners to me as well.
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If any of you guys are still reading this, STRANGE DAYS is being shown tonight in HD on HBO. Well, not HBO but HBOZ. At 11:00pm. Can't beat HD.
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1st is definitely Scanners - watched it last month - and THANK YOU everyone who identified Brainstorm, as soon as andreinla described I remembered seeing it and wanted to see it again but couldn't for the life of me remember the name. I just remember that flat golden ribbon the experiences were recorded on... have to get Dreamscape too now, seems a nostalgia mindfuck movie is in order!
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*nostalgia mindfuck movie WEEKEND.
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Response by poster: OK, I checked out both. Strange Days IS indeed the second movie I was looking for. The Fury,however, is not the other one. In the first one I think I remember a scene where one of the characters made a hole in his forehead, where his 3rd eye would be... using a drill or maybe burning his skin with a cigarette...

Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I'll check out Scanners.
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The roof and the fall part in the second one sounds exactly like "The Final Cut", starring Robin Williams, but no duel. The thing with the nose bleed from "pushing" someone is an element in Firestarter, as you seem to realize.
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