New architecture in old Barcelona
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Barcelona architecture: I'm looking for an image of a specific piece of modern architecture in the Barri Raval, Barcelona

This building is (or was when I was studying in BCN in 1998) part of the Ramon Llull University. It's in Raval, maybe 10 blocks south of the Museum of Contemporary Art on a dense, narrow street that runs perpendicular to the Rambla.
What it is, or the part that I'm interested in, is a perfectly blank, sheer façade of milky glass, 3-4 storeys tall, that forms the entry to a larger complex of buildings that occupy the centre of the block. Appearing like a vein of quartz splitting the chaos of the surrounding streetscape - crumbling old buildings, balconies with washing strung between them, this part of Raval was still pretty much a slum - I remember it as such a powerful, poetic piece of architecture.
If anybody knows anything about this building, and perhaps has or knows where I can find more information and images, I'd really appreciate it (it would greatly help developing some ideas for a project I'm currently working on). Gràcies!
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I was in the area on a design school trip in 2003, and I don't remember seeing this... maybe it was a more temporary art piece? I hope someone can find pics, it sounds cool. closest thing I can find is this, but I'm pretty sure it's not the one you're looking for.
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Thanks - I know that place pretty well too as my studio was at MACBA. No, it's definitely a real building - a small building on the street through which you entered a larger complex of more traditional buildings behind. I only sketched it, didn't take any photos although I sure wish I had, as I've thought about it so often over the years. I may have the location slightly wrong, as I've been scanning the 'birds eye' feature of and can't see it in the area where I thought it would be. It's such a lovely, subtle building, so it's sort of surprising, and not surprising, that it gets overlooked in the city of Mies' pavilion, the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, etc etc
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