Rabbit meat in NYC?
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Where can I buy rabbit (for eating, not petting) in NYC?

I've been calling around but haven't had any luck so far. I'll carve it up if I have to, but boned would be best. And it's for tonight, so anything involving special-ordering is sadly a no-go.

(I'm off of the F in Brooklyn, but willing to travel)
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Unfortunately I can't help you for tonight, but in Tompkin's Square Park on the south west corner, every sunday they have a little farmers market thing, and one of the booths there sells rabbit. Perhaps you can find another farmers market somewhere that is happening today?
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Hm, this site might help, it seems to list a whole lot of farmers markets in NYC.
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Response by poster: (oh, and I hear Citarella has it frozen, but I'm hoping I can do a little better than $12.99/lb)
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Best answer: Try fairway, uptown. They have goat, ostrich, etc.
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Response by poster: Success! Looks like the Fairway in Red Hook has it.
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You probably know this already, but it might be a good idea to ask how old they are. Like old hens (chickens), eating old rabbits is like eating shoe leather (unless you do a 6-hour braise).
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I've seen rabbit in Chinatown plenty of times.
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Response by poster: if anyone in the eternal future finds this, I saw some non-frozen (...fresh?) rabbit at the brooklyn kitchen in williamsburg a couple weeks ago. the stuff i ended up getting from fairway was frozen and covered in several dozen layers of frost.
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