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what is the best brand for box hair dye products, for covering grey hair, that will last longer than 10 days?
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Just make sure you buy permanent hair dye. Any of them will last until your hair grows out. I like Natural Match, personally.
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I use Loreal Preference and I find that it lasts longer than 10 days.
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I just tried Nice & Easy perfect 10 - I've got fairly dark hair, and
the coverage is good. Not too damaging and has lasted better than 10 days so far.
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If you're not wanting to go the permanent dye route (which is understandable, because it can wreak havoc on your hair), both my mom and I have had EXCELLENT results with Clairol Natural Instincts. I don't use it to cover greys (yet), but my mom does, and we only need a touch-up about every 4-6 weeks. It's also one of those kits that's incredibly easy to use yourself and because it's semi-permanent, it conditions rather than damaging your hair, so I always have really silky, shiny hair.
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I'm a big fan of the Feria brand dye. And I do have gray to cover. Not a ton, but enough. Alas.
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I completely second the Nice & Easy perfect 10. Feria is also great, but you can't beat the 10 minute process from nice & easy perfect 10.

I've heard no-grey additives like this really help for stubborn hair. You just add it to the hair color mix.
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I also use Loreal Preference -- I had been using Feria or Garnier Nutrice (sp). Those two covered well at first, but after a week or so, I'd begin to see some of my grey. I dyed my hair with the Preference about 2 weeks ago, and no traces of grey yet. It seems to be holding the overall color so far as well.
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Natural Instincts is great if you don't want to go the permanent route. I use it to cover my 15 or so grey hairs, and my mom uses it for her mostly grey hair. It lasts about 4 weeks on her, and about 3 months for my very porous, fine hair.
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The wife uses L'oreal Superior Preference Level 3 - Permanent - 1 Application. She does "the reddening", as she calls it, about once every 3 weeks to a month, depending on how busy we are. The color never really fades, it's only when the roots start to really show that she reddens again.
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The best coverage I've found so far for my all-grey, color-resistant hair is Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Gray Solution, left on about ten minutes longer than the directions specify.
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I used Clairol Colorsilk, because it had good reviews on Makeupalley. It lasted forever. However, it left my hair very, very dry. Might be different for you, though.
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I'm going to concur on natural instincts. I have about 50% gray and it works great. I re-dye about once a month. It's easy to use and my hair is always soft and shiny afterwards.
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I've been coloring my hair for 16 years, and Feria is by far my favorite.
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Best answer: I assume you are sticking with your natural haircolor and just want to cover grey. If you want good grey coverage, choose a box that specifically states "grey coverage". Grey hair is more resistant to dyes and the formulation needs to be adjusted. . Most commercial dyes will state if they are level 1 (temporary) level 2 (semi permanent) or level 3 (permanent). You want 2 or 3. Start applying the goop in the areas with the most grey (like the temples). Don't leave in longer than 45 minutes or your hair could be brassy. Use shampoos that are color safe, some shampoos like #rell are strong enough to actually strip color out of your hair. Shampoo less frequently, twice a week. Stay out of direct sun. Good luck
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N-thing Clairol Natural Instincts (a semi-permanent color). I have about 50% grey hair and it covers excellently if you leave it on for 15-20 mins. Two other advantages: because it does not contain Ammonia it is gentler on your scalp than many "permanent" colors (less irritation), and because it is semi-permanent, it does not cause build-up at the ends (where your hair gets darker at the ends, as the color builds up there with successive colorings). Even my hairdresser asked me what brand I use, to avoid build-up!
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The other secret to success is to get a tint brush and bowl kit. Use a long-handled, straight brush to apply the color to the roots first, especially at the top, temples, and front-sides, where your hair is most resistant to taking color - and where it shows!. Use the long brush-handle to part hair into sections, the clips to keep other sections of hair out of the way, and the bowl to catch drips, or hold a small amount for dipping the brush into. Starting with the front roots is the easiest way to avoid disappointment, as these always take longer to color than the much-drier ends. Once you have applied color to the roots, use the squeezy-bottle to apply to the rest of the hair and comb through with a wide-toothed comb (like the big one in this kit). Do not use a small-toothed comb while you have color on your hair, as it is liable to break (frizzy ends). Cover with a disposable shower-cap (the plastic-bag variety that they give you in hotels) and leave for 15 mins or so. Spend the time wiping off the inevitable drips and splashes with a soapy paper towel. I have permanently colored my venetian blinds by not noticing the drips in time. Also wipe off the splashes on your face and behind your ears while these are still fresh - tinted ear-tips are a dead giveaway ... :-)
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Make sure you use a shampoo safe for color-tinted hair while you are at it.
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Best answer: I had this problem too. I have really dark hair and any white really shows. Try going to Sally's Beauty Supply and getting Loreal Excellence Creme color (blue box). You have to buy the creme peroxide separate in a big bottle but it's cheaper in the long run than individual boxes. This is the only color I've tried that really colored the white hairs well.
It will also stain your shower if it's fiberglass and you don't wash it down well. Use soap because I think I do a good job and then find faint droplet shaped stains that I missed which darken by the next day.
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I agree with stray thoughts. Ion from Sally's is also quite good (and is what a previous hairstylist recommended to me--her claim was that it was the best "non-professional" hair dye you could purchase at a shop). Also, Feria has never lasted long on me. I used to use it regularly because it had shades I just couldn't find in other brands, but it would begin to greatly fade without fail within 10 days.
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Oh and as far as making color last, obviously a color-safe shampoo is a no brainer, but to make your color last even longer try using a shampoo without any sulfates in it.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. These are all good suggestions. I think I will have to get Loreal Excellence Creme color as suggested by straythoughts as my hair is quite stubborn.
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