Do I need to see a doc now for sudden diabetes related symptoms?
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Urgent-care-or-not filter: Excess thirst and frequent urination for the past two days, with pitting edema in the feet. Can this wait until next week?

I know that these are signs of diabetes. I have no other symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, nausea). I am already seeing an endocrinologist for thyroid issues, but he is out of the office today. My regular GP is also out of the office today. I have never had any diabetes related issues before (and it does not run in my family). Exactly one month ago, I had a full check up and my fasting glucose test came back normal (88). There is an urgent care clinic that I can stop into on my way home, should I? Or can this wait until Monday when I can talk to one of my regular docs? Follow-up throw-away:
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Thirst and urination sound like diabetes, yes, but could also be other things. However, pitting edema in your feet (pitting edema is, officially, impressions [not just marks, but physically indented] lasting more than 2 seconds after pushing down) is pretty concerning if you've never had it before.

My inclination: if the pitting edema is new, then go to urgent care, yes.
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Pitting edema in the feet could be a sign of congestive heart failure, which is nothing to fuck with. GO TO URGENT CARE.
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Your regular GP must have back-up coverage. This is a question best answered by that person. Call the doctor's office and ask who you can speak to. In the meantime eliminate all salt from your diet. I doubt it is diabetes as I don't think it comes on quickly like that.
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Excess thirst and Urination was how I realized that I was diabetic. If it's been going on continuously for a couple of days, it could be an indication that your blood sugar has gone High and stayed there. If you do not have access to a blood glucose test kit, you should go get checked.

Mid-high range blood sugars (200-300ish mg/dl) are not immediately dangerous, but very high sugars (600+ mg/dl) can lead to some serious problems fairly quickly.

When I figured out what was going on and got to the Urgent Care, I felt fine except for the damn peeing. I started to get nervous when they told me to go to the emergency room immediately because the urine test they used couldn't measure blood sugars as high as mine were.

The worst thing that can happen if you go to the urgent care is that you waste a little time.
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If you have to ask -- goto the ER/urgent care clinic - unless you have a medical resource that can tell you otherwise. The urgent care clinic should be able to give you a "yes/no" recommendation.
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