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As a follow-up to this question, I'm looking for an online application that will let me set up a calendar and will email me daily reminders of the day's events. I need to do this online, because I move around a lot and am constantly using different PCs (so an Outlook/Eudora/Etc. solution won't work). I would like to be able to get a reminder the night before and one the morning-of. Google suggests there are several such services. Are there any really good ones? Bonus: Has anyone invented one that will phone you or leave your a text message?
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Use Tasks will email you. Not sure if it can be configured per task but it definitely can send a daily status.
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Yahoo Calendar does all this. Easy to use, easy to set up, free, reminders can be set up at lots of different times. Will email any address you want, but not so sure about two reminders for the same event.
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I know it's not super-cool around these parts, but I think Yahoo's calendar works pretty well. You can view it all sorts of different ways, it'll e-mail you reminders for each task if you want (not sure about phoning, but can't you get a phone text message via e-mail?), it's viewable anywhere, et cetera.

I use it to keep track of my constantly-changing work schedule, and their Notepad feature to keep track of vacation days. Works great.

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Yahoo will indeed to more than one reminder. I've been using it for years, and I hope they never, ever die.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much. I am going to try out Yahoo Calendar. I've rigged it up so that it will send to my gmail account. If it doesn't give me enough options, I'll try Use Tasks.
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your phone should also have an e-mail address (usually something like <1> or something like that. You will then receive it as a text message. i don't know the details/cost of this... I did it with Bell Canada (had a copy of my e-mail forwarded to my phone) for free... but all providers may not have this.
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You can always use the Teleflip option ( - including 1 and area code) for forwarding your notifications to your cellphone.
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Hotmail does it, and does it well. Calendar has become free to everyone recently.
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