Lettuce out!
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I joined a CSA program for the summer and or first pickup has so much lettuce I don't think I cold possibly eat it all this week. What can I do with it besides make salads and put it in sandwiches? Preserving counts! I just don't want to waste anything.
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Is it head lettuce? You could maybe stretch it to two weeks if you keep it intact and place it in a lettuce-preserver bag (most grocery stores sell them for about $1.00 and they're resusable).

Otherwise, can you give your extras to neighbors or friends?
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How much lettuce and what kind?
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Best answer: You can eat an enormous amount of lettuce (far more than eating it raw) if you cook it chinese-style:

- chop lettuce.
- bring a pot of water, salted and a drizzle of veg oil, to boil.
- blanch lettuce until it wilts (a few seconds does the trick).
- drain. serve with splodge of oyster sauce on top.

Delicious. I've eaten entire heads of iceberg and romaine in a single sitting by cooking lettuce this way. This method also works for a lot of leafy vegetables in general.
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Response by poster: It looks like romaine (It's not marked, so I'm not sure) and there are two heads.
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Best answer: Romaine is delicious lightly grilled or roasted.
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Grilled romaine!
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Best answer: Breakfast burritos are a good way to use some lettuce in the morning. Put beans, salsa, and cheese on a tortilla, and the add as much chopped lettuce as you can fit!

If you make wraps instead of bread for sandwiches, you can fit more lettuce in there :)

Can you tell I'm in a CSA too ;)
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Use the lettuce AS the wrap.
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Best answer: Romaine soup with chickpeas.. (And as for preserving, if you have leftovers, you can freeze the soup.)
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In addition to shredded lettuce as filler, I liked using them as wrappers for dumplings.
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Best answer: Gumbo z'herbes is a great way to use up excess CSA greens.
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Best answer: Spiced Lettuce Cake Bars. Or if you're into soups, vichysoisse.

Now I want a BLT.
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Best answer: We end up giving at least some of our CSA goods away on a weekly basis. We try to eat it all, but at least for me, I can only eat so much lettuce.
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Use it in soup. This is an old trick I got from eating a lot of leftoversaladstuff soup cooked up by the dorms in college.
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Best answer: Jamie Oliver does a recipe for braised lettuce with spring onion and peas.
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nice big chef salad for lunch every day!
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2nd donating. All of the CSAs I've worked for have donated at least a few shares to local food banks, shelters, etc. If there's more of something than you think you'll eat (there likely will be in peak season), ask someone at distribution what you should do with the excess - they'll probably just include your veg in the weekly donation.
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Best answer: BLT Soup!
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Seconding kitkatcathy that cooked, Chinese style, is delicious and makes it easy to eat a whole head on your own. I've made something very similar to this, and it's delicious.
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