Examples of handmade cards for small business invitations
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Where can I find examples of handmade corporate or small business event invitations?

I own a small business. I want to invite about a dozen business owners to an event I'm putting on. These people are all part of my close business network -- even friends. I'd like to send handmade cards to invite them to the event and I'd like to also include the seminar flyer/postcard. I'm looking for a eye catching way to present the invitation, but not in a way that looks romantic or wedding invitation-like. Really, just some interesting ways of putting together paper and cards (with the postcard/flyer enclosure) would be great.

I have a small budget for the cards, supplies and mailings -- probably less than $40-50 total. It's a one-off project and I can't focus my investment here. I don't want a designer. I'm quite happy to do it all myself. My local Sears has some examples of paper invitations and ways to put them together -- that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. But I'd like something online, so that I can spend some time thinking about what I see. (I am not good at seeing something in a store and remembering how to do it.)

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I'm perfectly happy to look at images of invitations and cards that aren't meant for small business. It's just that I want to use them for my business. Thanks.
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