Tips for vacuum-sealing fruit?
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Does anyone have any experience using various short-term food preservation vacuum devices (such as the Tilia FoodSaver) on cut-up fruit?

I need to get more fruit in my diet (who doesn't?), but I tend to balk at a whole unit of whatever fruit, as the flavors are fairly overwhelming for me. I can do about a third of an orange. About half a banana makes me queasy.

What I would like to do is cut up an apple; peel an orange; wash some grapes, strawberries, and so on. Then, in each container, I'd put a few slices of apple, some orange segments, a few grapes, a chunk of banana, and the like, to create a pleasing variety (enough for my n servings per day), and perform whatever vacuum sealing operation is needed , then pop the container in the fridge. I could then just add a container of fruit to my lunch daily, but only have to prepare on a weekly basis. Twice a week, if need be.

Are these particular vacuum sealers which are good for this? Containers which are well-suited (I do not plan to waste my money and litter the planet with plastic bags)? Any fruits to avoid?

Bonus Round: Should I do the lemon juice trick on the apple slices?
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If you've got orange segments in each container, a good swirl should be enough to keep the apples from browning. No need for additional lemon juice.
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You can buy "Fruit Fresh" to keep the apples from browning without affecting the taste. It's mostly just absorbic acid aka vitamin C. Look for it near home canning supplies in the grocery store.
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I do this to portion meals for my parrots using Rival Seal-A-Meal containers and an ancient Sears Kenmore Seal-N-Save vacuum machine which has a hose adapter.
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