Concert, but no car...
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Quick and dirty ways to get from Ithaca to Watkins Glen?

Any secret bus routes we don't know of? Local carshare websites? (We tried the Cornell site with no luck). At this point, all internet options seem to be largely exhausted. Any great ideas for how to make the last leg of this trip?
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Ithaca Car Share is your friend on this one. They have a new day rate too on some of their cars if you're taking a long trip. Put my name (Zach Lipton) into the referral box and you and I each get $25 in free driving credit. Yay! There are also some discounts on the sign-up fee if you're affiliated with IC or Cornell. Referral grubbing aside, I've been using them for almost as long as they've been in business (one year) and they've been great. It normally takes a couple days to get registered and get your key fob, but I'm sure you could pick it up at the office if you're itching to go soon.

Hertz and Avis also have locations at the Ithaca Airport. It's also about 25 miles if you're up for a good bike ride and don't need to take a lot of gear (I've never been out that way on my bike, so I can't speak for its quality).

Ithaca sure comes up surprisingly often on the green, considering its size.
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And if all else fails, Ithaca Dispatch will take you out for around $65, probably more if you have more than one person. I'd try craigslist too, as there are bound to be others headed out there.
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TCAT runs a bus between Watkins Glen and Ithaca for commuter service
System Map
Route 20 seems to work
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