Moxie Cinema blog is great -other examples in other industries?
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What blogs/sites like Moxie Cinema offer similar insights and real discussion of the business elements of their operations? Cafes, restaurants, book shops, video stores, bars, widget makers, whatever!

I think I've learned more about the cinema business from the Moxie blog than I know about my own industry. Which other blogs do the same for other industries? Also keen to hear about books that offer the same 'real world' insights, rather than idealized examples.
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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman started out as a diary (click on "Read the Diaries") and was turned into a book, which I purchased after reading the diaries available online. It is an entertaining and purportedly real account of an audio engineer struggling to record a band that had some serious personality and musicality issues.
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The DNA Lounge in SF has a "blog" that talks a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on in running a big dance club -- it's interesting to read, but it's laid out really poorly.

(You can browse the archive by clicking the months near the bottom.)
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I'd me remiss if I didn't say: "Moxie Cinema? You mean the theater that MetaFilter built?" Heh.

It's always nice to start the day off with a little flattery.
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I'd BE remiss. Geesh.

All this sudden attention is going to my head.
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The site of veteran British burlesque performer Kittie has some fantastic essays on the artform.
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