Help with Dell media centre
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Dell media Cente light illuminated all the time

I have a 6 month old Dell Studio 17 and the Media Centre button's light stays illuminated at all times, Meaning that I cannot access any of the Media Centre buttons because of this. I phoned Dell and they told me to remove the battery, hold power off and re start-This helped at first, but when I turn my laptop off and back on the Media centre light re illuminates and I'm back to square one. Also once my Laptop is switched If I touch the Media centre button it switces my machine back on!

Any one have any suggestions of how to solve this problem, mainly because I dont wan't to spend 45 mins waiting to get through to Dell
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A few ideas for you.

Update the BIOS, reinstall the Dell QuickSet application, and the Notebook System Software. All of them can be downloaded from the website. Hard to narrow issues like this down, however it's easier to give this a shot than to reinstall your OS :)
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