Good pet boarding / hotel in Phoenix?
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Looking for recommendations for a pet hotel / boarding in the Phoenix Arizona area.

My husband and I have four dogs (one large, three small) and would like to go on a three day trip in the near future. In the past we have used family or the PetsMart pet hotel service but before we do that we wanted to see if anyone else had any good recommendations.
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I really dig the Arizona Pet Resort in Tempe. My super spazzy Yellow Lab, Gus, stays there on a pretty regular basis and always seems happy. 'Course, with that many dogs, might be cheaper / easier to find a petsitter...
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My parents have boarded their dog at Fido's Funhouse, and they were quite happy with it. I don't know how their pricing and services compare to Petsmart, though, since I only have cats.
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I was going to mention PetSmart, but it looks like you are familiar with it... I've always been happy with the staff and the service there...they've handled a couple of odd events with my puppy very well.
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