Where to order a small run of customized greeting cards?
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Looking for an online source to have about 50 to 75 custom greeting cards printed.

I would like to upload a least one photo and possibly bitmap graphics. Also desired: matching envelopes, and might consider a vendor's design template if it is reasonably clean and elegant (these will be "Thank You" cards). I can handle doing some light bitmap graphics work but am not by any means a graphic designer and, as nice as it would be, am not in a position to pay much for a professional designer.

Some vendors suggested previously have a minimum order of 250. I could maybe stretch my order to 100 cards but not interested in any more than that.

Right now I'm considering vistaprint.com; they have 50 cards for about $40. Any experience with them or others? I could spend more for good quality paper and printing.
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Best answer: Moo cards? Might not be quite what you're looking for, and they take forever to get to the U.S. from the U.K., but they fill a niche. The printing is acceptable, but not stellar. $25/25 different cards.
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Best answer: I like overnightprints.com. Their greeting card prices start at $10 for 10, though I've only used them for business cards (and, naturally, have been pleased with the results). 50 cards would be $40, same as vistaprint.
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Best answer: I know several people who've used vistaprint, but it's always been for their business cards like this. That said, they've been fine to work with and the quality was good.
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another zebra, Moo now have printing facilities within the US so shipping is much quicker than it used to be...
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Best answer: Mpix.com does small orders (minimum 25). Downloadable card design software makes it easy. We just ordered a batch of 4" x 8" announcements, with envelopes, they came to $0.42 each. They use good photo paper for standard prints and will do a metallic or lustre coat for a little more. We've ordered quite a bit from them lately and have been very happy with the price, speed and quality.

Most of the design software will let you use the built-in templates, or you can create your own image in the desired size, save it as a JPG, upload and use that as your card if you don't like the defaults.
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