Help me make it a happy birthday
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My wonderful sister wants just one thing for her birthday, and due to my habitual procrastination, I may have missed the opportunity to get it. This pair of shoes: in a US size 10 is no longer available at Zappo's, and I cannot find them anywhere else. Can anyone direct me to an online source - or brick and mortar anywhere within an hour's drive of Princeton, NJ? Thank you so much.
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If you go to the geox website and click on "where to buy," there are a few of their stores in the New York/New Jersey area that might carry the shoes.
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You might also call Zappo's just in case they have a quantity buffer in their online webstore.
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Ah, a shopping challenge! confirm on the shoe company's website, Geox website (Flash warning) that the shoe comes in a woman's US 10. Give Geox and any other retailer you might call the SKU number for this show (SKU #7381458). The Geox site has a handy "where to buy" tab for online and in-store retailers. Before I saw that, I wrote out the shoe-shopping advice below.

If Geox can't help you with retailers, it looks like Nordstrom's sells this brand. Call every Nordstrom in an hour's radius of Princeton to see if they have that particular shoe (get its model number from zappos). Off the top of my head, the closest Nordstrom's to Princeton is in Freehold Mall (30 minutes east), but the best-stocked Nordstrom's is probably King of Prussia, north of Philly. In North Jersey there will be other Nordstroms.

If Nordstrom's carries it, there's a chance Saks will too. So check with Saks' in the area-- Freehold and KOP to my knowledge.

If neither has the shoe, try swanky outlet malls like Woodbury Commons across the NY border and the outlet mall in Elizabeth, across from Ikea at 13a. Again, look at the website and call before trekking out to any of these stores.

A more obvious solution is to scour every site that sells this shoe. Google tells me, and amazon all sell the brand.

If worse comes to worse, you could just give your sister a gift certificate for zappos or for Nordstrom and let her go wild. I'm sure she'd enjoy the experience of shopping for fancy shoes if you can't get this particular one.
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There is a Geox store in Union Square in Manhattan, that I'll pass by tomorrow, early-ish. I can stop by and see if they have the shoe in that size there, if you'd like.
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I'm assuming she wants it only in that black/white check -- because it's available in a bronze colour too.
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It's also available in black patent in size 40.
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There's a Geox store fairly near me as well - if you can't track them down with what you've got so far, drop me a memail and I'll go by and have a look there.
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The Union Sq store did not have the shoes in stock because they were from the fall/winter collection. They looked them up on he computer for me and saw some in black and bronze at other retail stores, but not the checked pattern. They suggested calling an outlet store and seeing if they might have them. Sorry!
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Response by poster: Caz721, thank you so much, I really appreciate that you would do that for me!

And every one else's suggestions are so detailed and helpful -- it's very kind of you all.

I called Zappo's and no luck, so if I call the outlets tomorrow and can't find them I'll give her a Zappo's card, and I'll sign her up for MeFi, too.

Again, thank you.
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