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I've finally undergone a proper bra fitting, and it turns out I'm a 40J. While this would be okay if I was happy just wearing old lady bras, I want to wear nice sexy bras too. Are there any places that sell fancy lingerie for the overly large-breasted women? (Bonus points for online and/or in the UK.)
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Welcome to the world of Bravissimo. They go upto a JJ cup and are online service. All my big breasted friends swear by them because they sell some glam stuff. Bonus points for me then :D
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Try these.
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Oo, floanna wins. I like Bravissimo's mission statement:

At Bravissimo we believe big boobed women should have the same wide choice of bras as everyone else and we want you to enjoy finding something that is going to make you look and feel fabulous!

36DD representin'.
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Nordstroms carries Chantelle, which is a full figure line. I'm told that Fredricks carries larger sizes too. Most major department stores carry full figure lines. And most manufacturers make full sizes. But, too tell you the truth, I think that you'll have a difficult time finding your size in most department stores.

What size were you wearing before this fitting? Oh wait, this is anony. Ok, I'm going to assume you were fitted at a department store. Ask to speak to the buyer for the bra department. Explain your dilemna and s/he should be able to point you in the right direction. Even if that store doesn't carry what you want, the buyer should know where to find it.

Or, you could simply google. What about these or these (UK)?

Have you considered having bras made for you?
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Big breasted beauties, hollllaaaaaaaa! (34DD myself, and bra shopping is the bane of my existence- that's why I have worn the same brand, same style for years.) You'd think Victoria's Secret (big US Lingerie chain) would get with the picture, and realize that not everyone is a 34B (they have about two styles in my size).
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ThePinkSuperhero, I feel you! I so feel you! Victoria's Secret has 2, exactly 2 styles that go up to a 38 d(the ugliest plainest styles in their entire collection!)...and that's the biggest size they carry, which sucks something silly, coz their new non padded non wired angels look so comfortable.
Lane Bryant sometimes carries larger sizes, although their bras look like something even my granny wouldn't be caught dead in!
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Are there any places that sell fancy lingerie for the overly large-breasted women?

There's such a thing as overly large (real) breasts?
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jonmc- when i was a kid, my parents split and my mom and i stayed with her friend cathy, who (and i'm not exaggerating) was a 48S.

i never saw her wear a bra, so i don't know if this measurement was just theoretical or not. but it seemed right. and she wasn't especially fat, just busty.
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floanna beat me too it, Bravissimo quick on delivery, courteous on the phone, not too pricey, turn all their customers into almost cult-like fans and have quite a few good sets, tops and bra's to choose from. I've never strayed since widdershins here tipped me off to them, do give it a go.
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(PS - their shirts are awesome - never again will you have an ill-fitting shirt!)
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Sidhedevil - yep their mission statement is fantastic! 44DD myself but my skinny mates find Bravissmo ideal aswell because they can get their larger cup sizes to fit their skinny frames too. I usually buy mine from Evans in the UK but they only go up to an H cup so no use for our extremely large breasted anony friend.

While we're on the bra subject - does anyone know of a good source of bras without the horrible, painful wires??

And on preview, amandaudoff, I pitty your mum's friends back (ouch!)
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who (and i'm not exaggerating) was a 48S


jonmc -- remember that there are certain practical considerations to take into account that may (if you'll pardon the pun) outweigh the (highly arguable) positive attention. Running, for instance, is an obvious one. But how about walking down stairs (think about it)?

Anyway, to answer the question, I refer you to this pretty exhaustive list.
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Anonymous, where are you?

There's an excellent store in Whitby, North Yorkshire which caters from A to off the scale cup - and not just bras either. Basques, and all fancy stuff. I have the same problem and have just been recommended this store by someone else with the same problem.

My biggest annoyance is that, no matter how much the increase in size, the support straps don't increase, so you end up with huge welts in the shoulders. I'm waiting for that boffin-made scientific bra to become available to those of us who actually need it. I've been waiting two years so far..

(H-cup representing)
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Bras go to J? S? Oh my.
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"Anonymous, where are you? "

...and do you have a Webcam?
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It's pretty interesting how breasts can completely vary in size. It doesn't seem to happen with any other body part. You don't see regular people with eyes/heads/legs/knees/shoulders four or five times larger than other people's. Any biologists in the house have a worthwhile answer?
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Penises, too -- same question.
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Bellies, butts, cheeks, thighs. Those vary in size the way breasts do. Fat deposits seem to be key. I am no biologist, just a (non-creepy) people-watcher.

On preview: fat doesn't explain penises even though I once read that a five pound loss equals 1" penis length gain thanks to that mound of fat above the top of the penis. Maybe it was more than five pounds, now that I think about it. 20 pounds maybe?
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The Mrs got bras made for her by Rigby & Peller in London. They were expensive, but not massively so. I think they were the 50 quid mark for something that looked ksexy as well as structural.

And I'd be temptedto argue the validity of the 40JJ claim on Bravissimo. I've know women below that have major problems. Admittedly not_far_ below that, but still...
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I literally do not believe that S cup breasts exist. Google gives nothing.
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p_g- I'm guess [NSFW]this woman [/NSFW] would be something along the lines of a JJ. The woman I knew was at least 150% that size.

Google searching for 'big breasts' is creepy...
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Yeah color me clueless too, I thought there was DD ( which is also called E), DDD (F), G, H, I then it's getting kinda muddled in the names again (JJ)
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how to determine your bra size
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Chesty Morgan. 73 inch bust.
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Sidhedevil -- Damn, I was just gonna link to her.

I'll see your chesty morgan, and raise you a Norma Stitz. (Link Not Safe For Work, and Not Safe if You've Just Eaten).

And of course, The Largest Breasts in the World (NSFW)
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uh....lemonpillow, maybe you should switch to "melonpillows?"

sorry, sorry, couldn't resist.

i actually have plenty of empathy for my larger-breasted sisters. i used to think that having, well, something closer to lemons was a disadvantage (note the drooling from the boys in this thread), but my more endowed friends with back and shoulder problems have convinced me otherwise.
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Temperance is a virtue, even in the size of body parts. CD, you just made me spew.
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The thing is, though, that Chesty was relatively fit (if a bit zaftig), unlike, er, Norma. Which made the enormous gazongas all the more startling. Especially when she ran.

Agent 73 is an astonishing work of cinema. I saw it stoned at a university film archive. Good times...

As for the "Largest Breasts in the World" lady, that makes my back hurt just looking at it.
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It's a bit upmarket, but Rigby & Peller is worth a look -- and a visit, especially if you're in or around London. They're not Trinny and Tranny's first stop for bras without good reason.
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no matter how much the increase in size, the support straps don't increase

I can't quite believe I'm revealing this on MetaFilter but my favorite everyday bra has nice, wide, cushioned straps.

What I want to know is, why are the majority of large size bras white? Bleah...I'd never wear a white bra.
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I like this. Cushiony straps--comes in black--made out of cotton. Sweet.
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i'll second rigby & peller. not cheap, but fantastic. also carries a wide selection of options.
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While we're on the topic, any other recomendations for USA online stores, or brick-and-mortars in Chicago?

Umm, err, of course, for my, uhh, girlfriend....seriously...
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As they say on Fark... this thread is useless without pics. :)
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wackybrit: May I direct you to Chapter 7, Circular Reasonings: The Story of the Breast [Amazon Search Inside link for "zebra finches"] in my well-riffled copy of Woman: an Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier. If you can bear to saddle-stitch your Search Insides across the chapter, she addresses your question directly.

(The results of a study she mentions concerning some human-engineered plumage for male zebra finches (little white paper toques stuck on their heads for makeshift crests, little light blue or red legwarmers!) are fascinating, and may inform our own appreciation of the gamut AAA to S.)
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Raisins on an ironing board, I say, raisins on an ironing board...but I'm not bitter, oh no....
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stray, I bet you look great in open back dresses and halter tops. win some, loose some.
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Yes, stray, that's the paradox of being well-endowed. You're supposed to have this sexy figure but you can't wear sexy, skimpy clothes, both because it looks trashy and because there's no way to wear a proper support garment underneath them.

I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for strapless bras for the larger sizes? I'm a 36D and have been hunting for one for years, but I might as go sans bra as wear any of the ones I've tried on as far as support and comfort go.
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One thing that I've been frustrated with is the variance in fit between two brassieres of the same stated size. Are the online shops easy with returns? The double deuces need some comfortable and glammy support!
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I once read that a five pound loss equals 1" penis length gain thanks to that mound of fat above the top of the penis.

I wish, I just lost 50 pounds!
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LadyBwear is UK based.
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oh, and jonmc et al may enjoy checking out their contests section (follow the "timeout" link).
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orange swan, I'm sorry to say that your quest may be useless. I am far less endowed, but strapless bras never work for me either. Think about the mechanics...the goal of a bra is to lift up, and strapless bras have no way of doing that. Corset-thingies that extend down your torso, runnerback bras, and clear straps are the best solutions that I've found.
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dabitch, I appreciate the shoutout but I think you have the wrong gal... I've never even heard of Bravissimo... ; )

orange swan, have you tried using the clear plastic straps with a 'strapless' bra? They work great with spaghetti straps and the like, where you have something (however thin) covering the plastic strap. I don't think they look great w/strapless tops, though, you can see the 'shine' off the plastic.

You know, much as I like my breasts, they really are a nuisance most of the time. Think of all the extra money we spend and discomfort we put up with just to support them...
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In the US, I prefer to get my bras at Lane Bryant. Their website seems to only list sizes up to a 44DD. However, when I was a 44F (42DD now), I was able to find some in the stores with very little problem. IIRC, they carry even larger sizes in the stores. Lots of fabric, color and style selections. I've been pleased with fitting and cost as well.
posted by onhazier at 9:46 AM on December 2, 2004 is interesting. they don't sell 'em though as multiple disclaimer attest, but seem related to a somewhat defunct forum dedicated to subject. (via -- nsfw -- lush boobs forum) ok, shutting my male ass up now
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Oo, oo, oo. If you want straplessness that actually holds the large boobage up, you need to suck up your loathing for "old lady bras" and go for a longline strapless. They are the only thing that really provides enough support for C-cups and above.
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I truly wouldn't mind wearing a corset bra, Sidhedevil, as long as it was reasonably comfortable. I even think they're pretty sexy. Just for once I'd love to get to wear a strapless dress. I er, think I have nice shoulders, and so far in my post-adolescent life I've had to keep them covered.
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You could always go for a "real" corset, although that may change the way the dress actually fits on you. I have some links and recommendations, if you're interested. (Running late as it is...)
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Fantasie, also from the UK but available in the US, makes a strapless bra that is a work of engineering genius. It's not the most comfortable all-day wear, but it's fantastic - even at size 38F - for dressing up.
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There are already so many great links here, I'm not sure this will be need but I figured it couldn't hurt.

My sister who is a J (and still growing at 21) loves Creative Woman. The website isn't terribly good-looking but if you call the toll-free number or e-mail the "bra wizard" will talk you through a proper fitting, help you with custom-made bras if you're interested and answer tons of questions.

I once stumbled in to the store in my third trimester, soaking wet from the rain and teary-eyed, desperate to take some of the weight from my slightly bigger than a DDD cup breasts off my already overloaded back. They were wonderful.
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