Everybody wants to rule the world (symbolically at least)
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Where in the world could I purchase a replica of a globus cruciger or a sovereign's orb, AKA the awesome-looking symbolic globe thing that kings and angels are sometimes portrayed holding?

I have a brilliant idea of photographing myself looking dark and foxy, with a medieval-style orb in hand. Yes, it was brilliant until I realized that I had no clue where I would purchase such an item! Any ideas out there?

See here for images & an explanation of what I'm referring to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globus_cruciger
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Maybe just photoshop it? I think having it obviously be an illustration would look pretty cool actually.
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It looks similar to the symbol Vivienne Westwood uses in her jewelry

ex: Westwood Ring
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How crafty are you? You could easily modify a bottle of Chambord. Although it will probably still look like you're a drunk who likes raspberries, rather than a sexy monarch.
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Please don't do what hermitosis says: it'll probably look cool, but you might give up on looking for one, which means that won't be able to get one for myself from whatever place you find.

My first (sort of lame) thought was that the easiest-to-find form of the globus cruciger might be the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from Monty Python, but the only one I'm turning up on a brief cursory search is plush (boo!) and has "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" written across it (double boo!).
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You could contact a company like Salem Ball, which makes (among other things) brass balls in various sizes, including 4", 6", and 9" diameters. Then, get a brass cross (check your local Catholic supply store) and braze them together. There's probably a welding supply store in your area where you can find someone who can put them together for a nominal fee.
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If you are looking for more images, try googling for "Reichsapfel" - it was a popular accessory for rulers of Germanic countries and many beautiful pieces survived.
Unfortunately I know of no replicas available online; you might want to try asking companies specializing in theater props, since these items along with scepters would be popular for signifying kings or emperors on stage.
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jedicus has an interesting idea, but why go for brass when you could do the whole thing in metallic-painted wood and fake gems more easily and at a fraction of the cost?
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Best answer: Found one.
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That's true, Guy_Inamonkeysuit. Here's a 6" wooden ball (the English sovereign's orb is 6" in diameter, evidently).

I think you'd have trouble getting painted wood to have quite the same reflective sheen as polished metal, though.
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Make your own paper replica.
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Maybe you could improvise one using a large Christmas tree ornament as the starting point. Traditional glass balls are probably too small and fragile, but I've seen some huge plastic balls with shiny metallic finishes on outdoor Xmas trees; maybe get a gold-colored one for your globus and rig up your own cruciger? (uh, so to speak)
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What's your budget? Granda Liturgical Arts or any other supplier of ecclesiastical metalware could make one for you. They typically work in gold played silver or brass for this sort of thing. You'd probably be talking at least 2k.
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