Help, MMORPG Nerds! I'm stuck in Guild Wars!
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Help, MMORPG Nerds! I'm stuck in Guild Wars!

So I dove into Guild Wars without reading much in the way of directions, and now I'm sort of stuck. I have a level 11 Necromancer/Elementalist in post-searing Ascalon (playing Prophecies, by the way). I have only 2 quests in my log, 'Althea's Ashes' and 'Garfazz Bloodfang.' I can't complete either even with a full team of henchmen (healer, fighter and archer) and at this point I'm so sick of them I don't even care. I just want to keep questing, but I can't find anyone offering any more quests regardless of where I go. The only areas I have open to me are Ascalon City, the Great Northern Wall, Sardelac Sanitarium, the Breach and Piken Square. If I try to venture anywhere else, I either can't find a route or I get killed by mobs. What am I missing?
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Wow this brings back some memories. You have to do the missions in order to open up new areas. I'm guess you need to do the Great Northern Wall mission. Here's some details on opening it and a walkthrough:
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Damn! I can't believe it was that obvious. Thank you, sir or madam!
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Yes, the Guildwiki is a huge help. Good luck! (And if you ever see a Peanut McGillicuty in Guildwars, can guess who that might be.)
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