What are some examples of "classic" webiste design?
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What are some examples of "classic" webiste design?

I'm looking for examples of layouts that haven't changed much over the years (because they were good, not because they were lazy.) I'm looking for things like google.com, not timecube.com
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This very site has not changed much...metafilter.com / ask.metafilter.com
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Slashdot has been pretty similar for 10 years.
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Although it has changed somewhat aesthetically Amazon has always kept its structural feel.

Ever since I've been working in eCommerce front-end design/development (6 years) they have always been the shopping site to get inspiration from first when thinking of new features/layout.
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Drudge Report?
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It's been the same design for as long as i can remember..and it's perfect!
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Interesting to note that both the NYT and Slashdot have changed hugely under the hood in the last couple of years. The layout may not have changed much, but the underlying code has been revised a great deal, in favour of accessibility/efficiency/standards.
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To supplement fx3000's answer, here's a (quasi-hidden) page detailing the early days of Metafilter's page design, pre-launch.
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This is a 37 Signals article that made the rounds last year about how the Drudge Report is one of the best designed sites on the web.
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Wow, two things.

1. Excite.com still exists
2. And it has changed little since 1999
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Oh, one more. The Smoking Gun looks EXACTLY as it did in 1997. Well, now it has an ad.
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