What is this play?
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Need help identifying a one-act play.

A couple dressed in Edwardian clothing is standing on a ship's deck on their honeymoon and are discussing their hopes and dreams for the future. At the end of the scene, they move away to go inside for dinner, and behind where they were standing, you see a life preserver stamped "TITANIC" and you realize with a shock that their lives are doomed.

I saw this as a child, mid 1960's. I think it was shown with one or two other one-act plays also, although I don't remember the others.

Hearing about Millvina Dean's death got me thinking about this.

Thanks guys!
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Was it Cavalcade by Noel Coward?
posted by Thin Lizzy at 10:52 AM on June 1, 2009

Looks like Thin Lizzy got it, based on this overview. Looks like what you saw was a one-act adaptation of the original three act play. Pretty common. Or you might have seen the entire play, but been confused because the play takes a look at three decades of the family's life.
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I think you're both right. It was probably excerpted from Cavalcade.

Thanks so much!!!!
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Something very similar appears as a short gag scene in the Terry Gilliam movie Time Bandits.
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